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What Can Happen in a Second?

What can happen in a second?

a blink of an eye
a sneeze from your nose
a snap of your fingers
a tap of some toes
a click of your tongue
a jump in the air
a lightning strike here
a thunder clap there
a stomp of your feet
a very loud yell
a fall down a step
a ring of a bell
a bite of an egg
a button gets pushed
a wave at a friend
a bug can get mushed
a wrinkled forehead
a glass of milk spilled
a smile at a baby
a letter gets sealed
a page will get turned
a car horn will beep
a kitty cat yawns
a man falls asleep
a fat cow will moo
a kid snaps a twig
a rocking chair squeaks
a gal dons a wig
a fly buzzes by
a raindrop will fall
what can happen in a second
anything at all

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Tired of This Boat Ride.

I have been wanting to blog, but haven’t had the energy. In fact, I have no energy right now. Fumes are typing this entry right now.

I was hit with morning sickness on Aug. 5. Morning sickness that lasts all day and all night.

I can’t explain how bad it feels, but let me try.

  • It feels like I’m on a small boat, in a big ocean, in the middle of a storm. And the waves are bouncing the boat up and down, and up and down, and up and down and…well, you get it.
  • It feels like I drank a gallon of water and then got on a merry go round. Going up and down and round and round and up and down and round and round.

I am so sick.

Nothing seems to help. And I’ve tried EVERYTHING. On top of the constant nausea (no vomiting), I have post nasal drip (yea, that helps the nausea), dizziness, extreme fatigue, dry mouth (dehydrated much?), severe bloating and indigestion, and I’m losing weight. All bad.

I am starving all the time, but only certain things sound good — everything else makes me want to vomit. But I can’t really eat, ’cause if I do, well…I just get sick. There’s no avoiding THE SICK. Eat too little, sick. Eat too much, sick.

I’ve been taking a combination of Unisom and vitamin B6, but it only takes the edge off. Tried coming off of it, and felt like I was dying. Great.

So, mostly I’m in bed all day. Barely able to sit up. Heck, barely able to roll over. Poor me. Poor kids.

So far this pregnancy has been no fun.

Looking forward to the day that I enjoy it.


50 Things – 10/2007

I decided to do another 100 things. I did one almost exactly 4 years ago: http://itsro.wordpress.com/2003/10/17/100-things-102003-2/

Then I realized not much has changed about ME. So this one is just 50 things!

  1. I am 31 years old.
  2. I can probably still pass for 20….or at least 25!
  3. I am no longer with my husband.
  4. I live with my 3 children.
  5. They are my life.
  6. I homeschool all 3 of them (k, 2, and 4th grades).
  7. I still hate bras.
  8. I always “forget” to work out.
  9. I wear a ring I got from 8th grade graduation and one my mother gave to me a few years back.
  10. I have two tattoos.
  11. I had my nose pierced.
  12. I let it close after a month.
  13. I’m poor. (lol)
  14. My car hates me.
  15. I have a laptop that I love so much!
  16. I have dry skin.
  17. I love green tea.
  18. Or any tea.
  19. I watch cartoons more than anything.
  20. I have a Blackberry Curve that my children named Bella.
  21. Oh my how I love Bella! lol
  22. I read blogs from Viigo on Bella.
  23. I stay up way too late most nights.
  24. I know I don’t get enough sleep.
  25. I hate to get up early.
  26. I hate getting up late even more (when the day is half over).
  27. Plain or glazed donuts. mmmmm
  28. I am currently a student.
  29. I hate school.
  30. I suck at writing, so I hate English/Composition classes the most.
  31. Wait. I hate math classes too.
  32. And … hell. I hate school.
  33. I think I’m lactose intolerant.
  34. Well, I definitely can’t handle whole milk. It makes me wanna puke.
  35. I try to work out daily…but usually only manage twice a week.
  36. My purse is always on the floor. Maybe that’s why I’m poor.
  37. I love orange soda.
  38. And grape.
  39. Orange juice is yummy, but makes me sick to my stomach.
  40. I love pens.
  41. And post-it notes.
  42. I make tons of homeschooling worksheets and materials that I’ll add to the site one day.
  43. We just bought a crapload of Halloween candy and I have no idea what to do with it all.
  44. My spellchecker says crapload is not a word. What a load of crap!
  45. My language is actually quite clean.
  46. I am determined never to work for “the man….”
  47. Our Sunday schedule consists of Bible study, a handicraft, nature study, literature w/mom and silent reading. =/
  48. We don’t attend church.
  49. I call toilet paper, tissue. Is that bad?
  50. My favorite NON cartoon shows are, The Bachelor, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, House and Private Practice.
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Yesterday I took all three kids to see the movie Ratatouille. We drove to a theater far away because…well, because the one near us doesn’t sell Raisinettes. How can a theater NOT sell them? So w/o thinking that I could just buy some (Office Max has theater size boxes) and smuggle them in, I drove 15 minutes farther to another theater. My eldest daughter, who usually gets sick on any car ride over 35 seconds (one time she even got sick before I even started the car) was fine all the way. “Mommm, I’m having puberty now. I’m so over that.” And that’s a whole ‘notha story.

So anyway, we went to the theater and shockingly there were only about 4 other families there to see the movie. I like to sit fairly close to the movie, so we found our seats and started digging into our treats. Since I hadn’t had dinner, I was really hungry. Suddenly I realized I had popcorn in one hand, Raisinettes in the other, and i was tossing them in my mouth at the same time. The kids were eating their candies all dainty like. You know. Cause “mommy” taught them about manners. And here I was eating like a hog. The movie was good. But too long for me. I know I’m getting old because I can’t focus for more than an hour (about the time a Lifetime Movie would last). After that I lost focus. I was trying to find a signal on my phone so I could text, digging in the kids’ candy, polishing the sweat off of the soda cup. I really think I have some type of ADD. So anyway, my son decided to sit in my lap. Best. Thing. Ever. He sat on my lap and I was warm….and then….I dozed off. More than once. I missed some parts of the movie, but that’s ok. The kids didn’t even notice and I was well rested for the 24 minute drive home. =)

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