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My Village Sucks.

Yesterday my 12 year old (recently 12) was playing with her dolls. “Barbie Reality Show cast,” she called it.

Side note: I’m not sure why she was playing in “baby jail”…maybe because it surrounds our couch and takes up half of the living room. 

Anyway, she was playing with her dolls and it got me to thinking how OLD kids are now. Do 12 year old girls generally play with dolls? She does. Daily.

This makes me think of a story. Let’s title it, Kids Are Bad. I think I’ve said that somewhere before. Kids ARE bad and parents, well parents just suck.

A few days ago SA (12) and RS (9) were outside in the backyard playing. We live in an apartment complex, but we have single units. Our backyard is private and fenced in. On this day, my kids had the fence open. Probably hoping to see some of their friends go by to the park. My oldest daughter came to my room and told me that the two younger ones had company in the back, which is fine, but I like to know who is out there. Before I could go look, SA comes in and said some boys were in the yard and they were calling her “sexy bitch” and other names, THEN my son runs in and is pissed saying some boy, “stole our tree!”

Let me explain. It’s not OUR tree. People, it’s not even a tree. It’s a pot. With some dirt. And some strange leafless plant growing up from it. It belonged to my 12 year old’s best friend, and she left it at our house…”to keep it safe”…since we have the only private yard in the complex. The friend moved away, and my daughter protects this “tree.”

I told my oldest to watch the baby, and I stormed out. Yeah, I was upset. Not because of the fake, dead, tree…but because they were so upset. When I go out, the boys are gone and I hurry around the building, thinking I’m about to go face to face with some young teen boys. Let’s just say…that didn’t happen. When I rounded the corner there were two shirtless boys. They barely came to my thighs. We’re talking 4 & 5 year olds..maybe short 6? First, the rule over here is you have to have a parent with you when outside if you are under the age of 10, and second…THESE are my backyard terrors?

They are rushing off and I catch one of them and say, “did you take something from our yard??” He stutters…badly…and says NO! It was his friend. The friend has some razor tool in his hand (that he stole from the workbench of the office next door to me) and the “plant thing” in his hand. I yell at him to get over to me and hand them both over. He doesn’t budge. His friend screams for him to bring it, but he doesn’t. I get the feeling the one I caught is the, uh…good one. So, the good one goes over and snatches both from the bad one, and brings it back to me. I can’t believe they’re playing with this tool and I start in with the scolding. I say, “Look at this! Do you see how sharp it is. This could hurt you or someone else. Do you want to go to the hospital?? Do you want to cut off your finger??” He’s shaking his head the whole time. Then I tell him stealing is wrong, and he (of course) says it wasn’t him. I ask where his parents are and he just shrugs. *sigh* The bad one kind of saunters over to be nosey and to see what’s taking so long. Then I start in on him. LOL. “Where’s your shirt?!” I ask. They say they left their shirts in my yard. And one says my son was throwing his shirt out of the yard to get them to leave and it got caught on the top of the fence. My son denies this, but I wouldn’t blame him if he did. I tell him the shirt should have been on his back and he wouldn’t have had any problem. I get their shirts and make them put them on.

Let me just say, these were the most ghetto kids in this area. SMH. One was even pimp walking. Seriously? So, I’m still scolding…and one of them raises his hand and says, “S-s-s-so, c-c-c-can we come back tomorrow.” *falls out* Really? All that yelling I did, and they looked like they had stars in their eyes. They want to come back? I told them I had rules.

  • No shirt, no shoes, no PLAY
  • No foul language
  • Play nice
  • No stealing
  • One warning. After that, you’re OUT!

They nodded the whole time. And skipped off.

This is a perfect age to get those hoodlums under control. They want guidance and rules, but instead they will be allowed to run around like heathens with no supervision. I imagine their parents are even worse.

It takes a village right? Yeah…maybe. If they come back I’ll whip them into shape, but I won’t go out looking for them.

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Seven wonders of the world. Right? Well, even those are debatable.

Here’s wonder number 8.


How does that happen? How do Y’ALL (yes, you’re a different breed), know everything I post on MY Facebook profile?

They have their reasons for not being on Facebook.

“Oh, people on there are too nosey.” Really?

“I don’t want folks knowing my business.” But you’re keeping tabs on me?

“I don’t care about people enough to keep up with them.” Mmmm, right.

I’ve had cases of people printing out my messages or statuses and sharing them. People coming to me about something I’ve said on Facebook just 30 minutes later. Dang.

I think I know who the culprits are. But some of them are family. How do you delete them and not cause an even bigger mess?

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I Had THREE Things To Do Today.

And I accomplished NONE of them.

First, I needed to go to the social security office to get replacement cards for my children. This was my 2nd trip because the first time around I did not have enough information to identify them. So, I go back with INFO in hand and after sitting and waiting for 15 minutes, I realize I forgot to bring their numbers with me. THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! The whole reason for being there? I forgot it! I gave some psycho killer looking dude my number and left. *sigh*

Next, I needed to go to the board of education to drop off some homeschooling paperwork. First, it took me 30 minutes to find something that is literally 2 minutes from my house. It’s not a huge building like I expected. It’s the back of a building…with other shops…like a store! WTH? The parking lot has like, 10 parking spaces…and the one available was snatched up 2 secs before I pulled in. I wait…and wait…and after 30 mins, I say screw it. *sigh*

Last thing on the list…I was also supposed to drive to Cleveland today, but that also won’t happen because of not being able to call the businesses I need to visit before I get there. My phone is acting like a total twat. *sigh*

So, I’m in a pissed off mood. AND, everything government related will be closed Wed., so I need to handle this stuff pronto (read tomorrow).

*Update: No more fleas or bites. Still dealing with the leftover itchiness from the old ones though. *double sigh*

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Dumped On.

I knew a snowstorm was coming my way. But man oh man. I was not ready for it. I had a couple errands to run today and they just ARE NOT happening. I guess this is the perfect time to start gift wrapping.

Front Door

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