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Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History Lesson Plans

We use some bits and pieces of AmblesideOnline for homeschooling, but haven’t totally read this book yet. I want to complete it by the end of the summer, so I created this simple lesson plan for my children.

The plan is to read 1 chapter, 3 times per week.

Book: Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History by Richard M. Hannula, Copyright 1999, ISBN 1-885767-54-4

Each chapter is read as a group or alone by the student. We hold a discussion after reading each chapter or use the narration cube (or both).

After each section (sections contain many chapters), give a quiz. Quizzes can be oral or written narration depending on the age of the child. Or you may use the tests created by me.

Upon finishing the book, you may give an optional final exam. Again, oral or written narrations work well. You may also use exams created by me.

We prefer narrations for examinations. 

Unfortunately, tests won’t be completely available until the fall. I will update when each section is added.

Hope someone finds it useful.

*These plans are available to easily import on Homeschool Tracker Online.

This is an excel file. If you need another type of file (pdf, doc), let me know.




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