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It’s been so long since I’ve written here, that I don’t remember what my blog was even about. *head scratch*

I’ve had this blog for so long that it’s a mash-up of so many different versions of me. So many emotions, thoughts, and random ideas, so it probably doesn’t matter much.

I guess an update is in order?

  • NK is 4. RS is 13. SA is 15. SM is 17. Wow.
  • Their grade levels for the upcoming year are kindergarten (although she is currently working her way through this and should be done by November), 8th, 10th and 12th.
  • Colleges are on the radar. One in particular.
  • Thinking of ways to celebrate graduation. 🙂
  • I won’t be keeping much homeschool information here since I also have a homeschool site.
  • In the process of publishing first children’s book.
  • In the process of creating toys to go with the book.
  • Spending more time writing.
  • Still working for a homeschool company part-time.

I think that’s about it. Haven’t figured out what we’ll be doing for next year’s curricula, but I can share what we’re doing for kindergarten. Now, we only spend about an hour or two working on kindergarten lessons. The rest of the time is really following interests and hands-on play. If she ever gets tired of a lesson, we move on to something else. She turned 4 in March and picks things up very easily and quickly. We didn’t push for early kindergarten at all. She just loves learning and was bored with the pre-school work. We “school” 4 days per week.


Phonics & Reading
Reading Eggs
All About Reading 1
Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, & Go For the Code *
Bob Books**
Keeping a journal***

Selections from Ambleside Online (e.g. Winnie the Pooh, The Tale of Peter Rabbit)

Rod & Staff Math 1
Khan Academy

Social Studies/Geography
A Beka Social Studies K5****
DK Workbook

DK Workbook (used as a spine)


Keyboarding Without Tears
Dance, Karate, Hiking
Arts & craft projects (practice cutting, pasting, painting, etc.)


*Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, & Go For the Code: She started this series (a, b & c) in preschool. They are a little easy for her, but she wants to finish them. We will go on to Explode the Code as soon as she finishes up.

**Bob Books: We started these, but them on the back-burner for a bit. They are great readers and work well, but for some reason, a few of the characters make her upset. I wanted to pick it up and try again later, but we may not get a chance.

***Keeping a journal: This is very casual. She likes to write words that she knows. Sometimes I will have her draw freely or make up a story with pictures. She can write, draw, scribble, paste pictures, etc. You could use this or just a regular journal/notebook.

****A Beka Social Studies K5: We skip anything dealing with church or school. Mainly use it as a spine. For instance, we used the pages on police and safety to go further into what policemen do. We also used it to talk about calling emergency numbers. How to use the phone. Learning address and phone number.

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Once a month I’ll be taking my kids to a local library for Otaku Anime Club. My daughters (mostly the oldest) are obsessed with anime, mangas and Japanese culture. I thought it would be a great club for them to join. It would also take care of some of that pesky socializing that non-homeschooling people tend to worry about.

Their first meeting was Saturday. It was to last an hour and a half and I figured I’d get some work done for ABH and let the boy and little one mingle with the kids in the children’s section. When we arrived, there were only two people there. Two teen boys that were very otaku anime typical. I mean, I couldn’t have pictured them any other way. SM even told me they argued over what was better…Netflix or Hulu and other geeky stuffz. Anyway, they started introductions and the little ones and I went about our way.


I really wanted to go medieval on a few of the little kids that were playing in the children’s section. Their parents dropped them off and they were acting as if they were at the playground. Outdoors. In some underdeveloped country. Uh. The librarian came over a few times to quiet them down. I gave her a look to let her know that they definitely weren’t with me. RS read a few books, and NK gave the stink eye to a kid for 20 minutes before deciding to try to play with her.

I got no work done. Figures. After an hour and a half, I went to see if the girls were ready. The lights were out in the room and they were watching some anime that I couldn’t recognize because they all look the same to me. I know. Blasphemy. I figured they started a bit late and may have needed more time, so I went back to the Hell’s Angels in the children’s section. After 5 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore, and moved the Littles close to a table of boys playing a Dungeons and Dragons card game. They were less rambunctious and my tension eased.

20 more minutes passed and the fact that food was calling my name sent me to check on the girls again. Still watching?? I had enough and risked embarrassing them. When I opened the door, there were 3 boys near the front of the room and my girls sitting in the WAY back together. WHAT? This is NOT socializing. I waved them over and they said goodbye to the club supervisor and kids. Once outside I complained that they could have done THAT at home. I mean, they were watching a show that we could have watched on Netflix, and they were sitting together. =/

They said they still enjoyed themselves and want to go back next month. Not sure what for? Maybe they’ll open up next month. Geez.

Stay tuned for our adventures in bowling. I’m putting together a bowling league for the homeschoolers in our area. So far there are 15 kids interested. This could get messy.

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I’ve Got an Excuse.

WARNING: THIS POST WILL BE EXTREMELY RANDOM. And I likely won’t proofread because I’m in a rush.

I haven’t posted in a while, and there’s really a good excuse this time. I’m trying to get this year’s lesson plans done (well, at least the first month). Summer learning is coming to an end, and while I didn’t do a great job of keeping what we did updated around here, we definitely learned some great things. I do have a lot of drafts written up, mostly not related to homeschooling, and one day I’ll get to them for publishing.

Anyway, here we are in August (almost mid August) and I’m knee deep in lesson planning. I’ve also been working from home (2+ jobs). That keeps me pretty busy. I’ve felt like there was no time for fun (for me), but you wouldn’t say that if you saw what went down in this house yesterday evening. Let’s just say, it involved mom (me) riding a toddler toy, wearing rain boots, drinking a Capri Sun, popping wheelies, and doing donuts. Oh, and lots of screaming. Hmmm. My daughter said there should have been video evidence, and I’m kind of glad there isn’t.

About those jobs? I love them. I just wish I could get more hours with them. I especially love anything related to homeschooling and community, and one of them is.

I haven’t been on any social networks this week, which is hard, but not the end of the world. Actually, when I say social networks, I just mean Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m just now realizing how much time I wasted on them. My spouse and I were taking a break from them to see if we’d spend more time talking to each other. I’m finding I have more time to do things around the house (like donuts in the living room). I do think this is a very good thing, and when my month is over, I hope to use the networks much less. I hated mindlessly scrolling through reading updates. I do miss my news though! My weatherman posted there regularly and I’m finding myself searching for weather info on the boob tube. And it’s actually harder to get weather reports there. Go figure.

I’m not on Facebook to wish anyone a happy birthday, so if I miss you…I’m sorry. I should probably have you all in my contacts so that I could actually email, text or call anyway. Humph.

Yesterday I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with the kids. Oh boy do they say “sh!t” a lot. The movie is definitely PG13, but I’d probably say more PG15 for my house. 🙂 There was even one f-bomb. I’ve gotten more lenient with language. They know what’s appropriate or not. I’m still very hard when it comes to sex. They think it’s hilarious that I make comments like, ugh…how long are they going to kiss. Sheesh. Kissing is fine…total tongue downs make me cringe.

Remember the contest I did last month? Well the winner received her book. I wish she had posted here to say that, but she did email me:

Hi Robin,

I forgot to let you know that we recieved the book! Thanks again!!


You are very welcome Katie! I like contests! I’d like to do another, but I don’t have anything to giveaway right now. LOL. Soon. Soon.


I know this post was all over the place and hardly organized, but I did warn you. I’ll be back in the next few days because I have many more random things to talk about…

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Nighttime Screams.

Last night, my 15-month-old daughter woke up screaming. She often still wakes at night, crying and fussing, but this was an ear-piercing-someone-is-stabbing-me-help-me scream. I was so startled I sat straight up in bed (she was in bed with me) and grabbed her. She wasn’t crying, she was screaming. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I grabbed her and held her in my lap, she quieted. She never woke up, and less than 2 minutes later she was smiling and giggling in her sleep.

Bad dream? Maybe. What could she be dreaming about? Mommy’s milk is all gone? Yo Gabba Gabba got removed from Netflix? None of her music making toys have batteries that work? (Oh, that’s another whole blog for sure.)

I find that she startles easily. My 12-year-old daughter had a friend over last week, and they, along with my son, were acting a bit wild. NK was standing in front of the couch, just toddling around and talking to herself as toddlers do. She was so cute and happy. The kids came out of the bedroom screaming and giggling loudly. NK screamed and ran towards my oldest daughter. She was definitely panicked. Yesterday, I was going in the front closet and the cat was perched on top of a shelf in there (oh creepy cat). It was dark, and he startled me, so I kind of let out a yelp. NK shrieked and took off again. Anytime there is a loud noise or chaos, she gets so scared. This is new to me. I don’t remember the other kids doing that. Maybe our house is more chaotic now? Possibly.

Anyway, I don’t think it was a night terror. The scream only lasted about 10 seconds, and she stopped as soon as I picked her up. I think I read that with night terrors, they are inconsolable.

Has anyone experienced his or her child waking up screaming?



Oh Hai.

I’ve been MIA for a while. But I’m back.

Been spending a lot of time getting the board back and running. It’s mostly going well now, just needs some tweaks here and there. Take a minute and join the conversation.

Other than that, been doing the same ol’ same ol’. Parenting, cleaning, teaching, rinse, and repeat.

One thing I haven’t had much time for, is writing. I’m stuck on Chapter 4 of my book. I haven’t written anything in over a week. NOTHING. This is not good. I just can’t seem to find the hours or the words. I always say, if you really want something you will make it happen. You’ll make time for it. So I must. I’m going back to my writing schedule this week.

Tuesday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. I can’t believe our daughter is 14 months! Yes, we got pregnant right after getting married. LOL. No time wasting. We had been together 5 years by the time we got married, so why wait longer? Plus, I’m getting old. 😛

Unfortunately, we didn’t do much, but he works away from home 11 days at a time for work, so just having him here was enough.

I’d write more, but my daughter has company, and they’ve been trying to kill a moth by throwing books at it for 20 minutes. =/ I need to go handle it. LOL

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