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I’m Gonna Be Real Lazy Today.

I’m feeling a bit down today. Seems like I have so much to do in the upcoming weeks. I think I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I’ll stick to my “TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME” plan. It makes me feel a little less stressed.

So today, it pretty warm (80). Sunny…breezy. Just a real nice day. We have no real plans this afternoon, so it’s going to be one of those lazy ones. We’ll probably sit outside and swat flies. (that sounded real country) I want to go get some Sweet Tea, but remember…I said I’m feeling lazy. That drive might be too much for me.

Yesterday my aunt went to the hospital for her heart. When she was at her gym, I guess they tested her heart rate and said it was too high? Or too sporadic? I don’t know. But she ended up admitted to the hospital. I guess she has some blockage and they need to do some surgery (same one they did to my dad) to get rid of it. She’ll also need to take some prescription meds. They told her the cause was fried foods and smoking. I think my mom said she smokes about two packs per day. PER DAY? WOW.

I don’t really eat too many fried foods. But that’s mostly because it takes more work than baking.

Oh shut up.

Like you didn’t know I was lazy.

I also don’t smoke, but it still makes you think about your health.

I’ve been real lazy with my exercising lately. I had a date with Billy Blanks the other night and he kicked my ass. I haven’t seen him since. *humph*

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