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7th Grade Curriculum Plan 2012-2013

Current plans for my 7th grade daughter. Just like with my 9th grader, this plan may change. Hopefully not, because I spent a long time mulling over this.

7th grade 2012-2013

Language Arts




World History




  • Chess
  • Hip-Hop Dance Class
  • Bowling


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Long Day.

I need to really update. The kids and I have started TOG and are really into it.

Today I worked at my dad’s shop and then we went to my cousin’s birthday gathering at the bowling alley. I haven’t bowled in … hmmm … a long time. So I suck. All three of the kids beat me. =/ Shae and Rah BOTH slipped and busted their butt bones. Poor kids. lol

Now I’m tired.


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My Poor Dear.

I feel so bad! My poor daughter! Let me rewind and explain what happened. On Monday, my 2 daughters were sitting on Shan’s bed. SM is 3, Shae is almost 19 months. Shae fell off some kind of way. She does that sometimes, and usually gets right up. (There’s carpet). This time she screamed bloody murder! Ray and I both checked her out. No bumps, bruises or swellings. She still kept screaming and grabbing at her arm. But there was nothing. For the rest of the night she cried unless I held her and rocked her…so I did. I figured she was pretty irritated from the fall and probably a little sore.

Next day, everything is fine. She’s up, playing…no probs.

Okay, Wednesday rolls around and she can’t get her food to her mouth. She uses her left hand for most things and this is the arm that she fell on. She can get a cracker about halfway to her mouth and then she starts screaming. I’m like what the heck is going on. She keeps trying. Finally I take her shirt off and look at her arm. Her elbow is swollen! I compare it to the other and it’s about double the size. Very fat, and hard. I notice that she doesn’t put any pressure on that arm at all while playing. So I page Ray and he says she probably twisted it a little and usually the swelling takes a couple days to show up. He advises me to put some ice on it. Well, I was ready to go to emergency. (I am always running to emergency though…and Ray thinks I over react). So I put some ice on it.

So Ray gets home and looks himself and says he takes it back…it may be broken…he doesn’t like the way it looks. Well he’s had 2 broken arms and I have had none so AGAIN I trust his judgement and take her to emergency. 3 hours we sat there and find out my 18 month old daughter has a elbow fracture! *sniff* My baby has a broken arm. No wonder she was crying all night!!! I feel so bad! She’s got this mini cast and sling. She’s taking it like a champ though. Still running around. 18 months with a broken arm…*smh* I feel like such a lousy parent.

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