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Take the What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be? Quiz

So, um, why did I take this test? I don’t really know. I saw it on Alyce’s site and decided to give it a go. I honestly didn’t see how the questions determined this. My new new years resolution is going to be to leave these darn online tests alone. Or possibly make my own.

Being a pregnant woman, I like food. As I said in a previous entry. I love food. I think of nothing else. The one thing I hate is when I am making myself some lovely grub and “someone” comes up with their nose in your plate and says, “Can I have some?” Grrrr. I’m usually not a stingy person. I have done my share of sharing, but at this point in time, the last thing I want to be doing is sharing my grub! Ray does this to me all the time. I say no and honestly mean it, but he thinks I’m playing & usually takes some anyway. I could almost bite his hand off. What is it about pregnancy that turns me into a wild dog? rotfl! I think I am feeling the baby move, but I’m not sure…it could be gas! lol. Every morning I feel this little tickling/rolling feeling in my lower abdomen. I would have no doubt that it was the baby, except it feels as if it’s a little higher up than should be. I will scream for joy if I was really further along than I thought. Man…I would throw a doggone party! But honestly, I know that’s not possible *sigh*. So I will suffer until June 27. I get the feeling that this baby is going to be bigger than my other ones. When I was pregnant with Shanon I was scared to eat. lol. When I was 8 months the doctor told me the baby was already around 6 pounds and since I had another month could gain a couple more. I was dang near tears. lol. I looked down at my stomach (that already hid the floor below) and wondered how the heck that big ol baby was coming out of little ol me! This time I’m eating a lot more, so we’ll see.

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