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Gitcho Mind Right.

Ex: I thought I told you?
Me: “I thought I told ja!”
Ex: Um..what?
Me: “I thought I told ja! I thought I told ja!” *laughs*
Ex: da hell wrong with you?
Me: You don’t remember that song? “I thought I told ja!”
Ex: That ain’t no damn song. You made that shit up.
Me: OMG..it is I swear. Like, in the 90’s. Master P and ’em. I can’t remember any other lyrics, but I’m hearing it in my head. “I thought I told ja! I thought I told ja!”
Ex: *laughing* YOU crazy. That ain’t no song, but that’s a nice little hook you got there.
Me: OMGGGG, it is! How do I know a rap song and YOU don’t?
Ex: Was that in your hood rat days?? *laughs* I’m just playing *cough*
Me: STHU! No…but I remember there were only a few rap songs that I knew and me and Cynt used to play them over and over and knew all the words. *laughs*

Ex: You crazy. That ain’t no song.
Me: I’m about to find this song! *determined* *searching lyrics* NO LIMIT SOLDIERS!
Ex: Yea…but I don’t remember that song. Find the song or else I’m calling bullshit.
Me: *searching for 5 minutes* BAM!


Ex: Oh…damn. I do remember that son. Damn. Damn. *laughs*
Me: *nods* I’m ALWAYS right.

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