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I Had THREE Things To Do Today.

And I accomplished NONE of them.

First, I needed to go to the social security office to get replacement cards for my children. This was my 2nd trip because the first time around I did not have enough information to identify them. So, I go back with INFO in hand and after sitting and waiting for 15 minutes, I realize I forgot to bring their numbers with me. THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! The whole reason for being there? I forgot it! I gave some psycho killer looking dude my number and left. *sigh*

Next, I needed to go to the board of education to drop off some homeschooling paperwork. First, it took me 30 minutes to find something that is literally 2 minutes from my house. It’s not a huge building like I expected. It’s the back of a building…with other shops…like a store! WTH? The parking lot has like, 10 parking spaces…and the one available was snatched up 2 secs before I pulled in. I wait…and wait…and after 30 mins, I say screw it. *sigh*

Last thing on the list…I was also supposed to drive to Cleveland today, but that also won’t happen because of not being able to call the businesses I need to visit before I get there. My phone is acting like a total twat. *sigh*

So, I’m in a pissed off mood. AND, everything government related will be closed Wed., so I need to handle this stuff pronto (read tomorrow).

*Update: No more fleas or bites. Still dealing with the leftover itchiness from the old ones though. *double sigh*

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