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Where’s My Energy.

Ugh! Where is my energy? Who stole my energy? Sleep is my weakness! Not only that, but anything that requires standing on my feet for more than 52 seconds makes me wanna pass out. When did this start you ask (or maybe you didn’t)? This started today! I’m folding clothes and my legs just feel weak. I need to sit (for an hour). I had only been standing about 1 minute. Run down the stairs to get something….need to sit at the bottom. Run back up the stairs…need to sit at the top. I haven’t done this much lying around in ages.

Today I felt ill. However, I figured out why. My stomach was empty. I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t let your stomach get empty or you will start to feel a little sick. Well, I’ve been doing a good job of keeping my tummy full….except for today. Today I didn’t have breakfast…and then a wave of nausea came over me. And by this time you can’t eat because everything smells gross. So, I have to wait it out. I still feel a little sick now…waiting on it to pass so I can stuff my face. Naw! I won’t stuff my face. I’ll be gentle. : )

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