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Nighttime Screams.

Last night, my 15-month-old daughter woke up screaming. She often still wakes at night, crying and fussing, but this was an ear-piercing-someone-is-stabbing-me-help-me scream. I was so startled I sat straight up in bed (she was in bed with me) and grabbed her. She wasn’t crying, she was screaming. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I grabbed her and held her in my lap, she quieted. She never woke up, and less than 2 minutes later she was smiling and giggling in her sleep.

Bad dream? Maybe. What could she be dreaming about? Mommy’s milk is all gone? Yo Gabba Gabba got removed from Netflix? None of her music making toys have batteries that work? (Oh, that’s another whole blog for sure.)

I find that she startles easily. My 12-year-old daughter had a friend over last week, and they, along with my son, were acting a bit wild. NK was standing in front of the couch, just toddling around and talking to herself as toddlers do. She was so cute and happy. The kids came out of the bedroom screaming and giggling loudly. NK screamed and ran towards my oldest daughter. She was definitely panicked. Yesterday, I was going in the front closet and the cat was perched on top of a shelf in there (oh creepy cat). It was dark, and he startled me, so I kind of let out a yelp. NK shrieked and took off again. Anytime there is a loud noise or chaos, she gets so scared. This is new to me. I don’t remember the other kids doing that. Maybe our house is more chaotic now? Possibly.

Anyway, I don’t think it was a night terror. The scream only lasted about 10 seconds, and she stopped as soon as I picked her up. I think I read that with night terrors, they are inconsolable.

Has anyone experienced his or her child waking up screaming?



Mornings Are Not My Friend

I was up at 7:30 this morning getting Qua off to school. I was so tired.
These late nights are getting to me, but I better get used to them. With Ray working nights, I’ll have the baby all by myself. But maybe he’ll be a good baby and sleep all night!? I can dream right?

Speaking of dreams, after I got Qua off I went back to sleep. Judge Mathis must of been on because I had a pretty long dream about him. lol. I dreamed I went to Sears and he was working the counter. Except he didn’t want folks knowing who he was. And me and my mom are teasing him by saying things like, “Are you going to watch Judge Judy today?” [ does that even still come on? ] The dream ended with a riot in Sears because someone that had been on his show saw him and got upset because he had lost his case.

More about my baby shower….I was thinking, a weeks notice is not nearly enough is it? I mean, it just seems like short notice. Especially in June when people are going to graduation’s and such. Thanks to all the people who bought things off my baby registry. I am loving this stuff! We received a crib blanket set, a diaper holder, diaper champ [ which is supposedly a better version of diaper genie because you can just use regular trash bags ], and a bottle drainer and brush! Since I thought we weren’t having anymore kids I got rid of a lot of my old stuff. Now I have to remember to go out and get thank you cards. I was going to make some, but my printer is acting booty. This is definitely going to be our last child though. Good ol’ Ray has promised to “be taken care of.” Isn’t that sweet of him. LMAO. I only had to spend the last nine months talking him into it. It was either me or him…and since I have birthed 2 babies and carrying 1, I guess he decided it was his turn to do something. But not before he did his little research on side effects and what not.:/

Pregnancy Note: My baby might become quite chubby if I overeat at this point. Even with normal weight gain, the baby now fits snugly in my womb and can only turn from side to side.

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