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Pregnant Rambles.

Well, Ray has a cold and I have been avoiding him like the plague! During pregnancy, it is a no-no to take many medications. Especially during the first trimester. I had a cold when I was pregnant with Shan. I was about 6 months along at that time. The doctor told me I could take this cough medicine…but it didn’t do the job. It was supposedly safe for use during pregnancy, but it wasn’t as good Nyquil that’s for sure!

I received my Preggie Pops and have already started using them. I really don’t get too nauseous. Only very slightly, but the pops seems to work great. I am hoping (praying) that I don’t get “full blown” morning sickness. yech!

I have offically started my 4th week of pregnancy (according to my pregnancy journal). Which means the doctor will tell me I am 6 weeks along. Confused? Me too. It is a bit confusing, but let me give my brief explanation. Most likely you become pregnant during ovulation, which happens (usually) 2 weeks (or halfway between) your menstrual cycle. Doctors, however go by the date of the first day of your last menstrual cycle, which usually adds 2 weeks to it. huh? I know. Therefore, you will really only be 38 weeks pregnant, although the doctor will tell you 40 weeks. And just to confuse you more. 40 weeks is really 10 months of pregnancy. So you are pregnant for 9 full months (meaning you complete that last month). Click the links in the paragraph to get a better explantion. Hey…I ain’t no doctor, man! : 0 )
(*edit – links are no longer available)

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