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So Amazing.

The most exciting time during pregnancy, is when you start to feel movement from your child.

It started as small flutters when you’re having a quiet evening. I spent many nights, not moving. “Quietly “listening” for my baby. It slowly progressed to small taps. As if someone is lightly tapping with their fingertip. The taps got stronger and it was comforting to feel her daily. Reassurance that she was okay in there.

What’s truly amazing, is that the small taps changed to jabs/kicks almost overnight. I was suddenly feeling movement all over my belly, not just in the pelvic area. I remember the night I felt movement to the left of my belly button and near my right hip at the same time! Did she stretch? Was she that long? An ultrasound just a couple days later verified she was that long and that her knees were even starting to bend from lack of space. Hm, guess she was a lot bigger than I thought. After the ultrasound at 20 weeks, the movements started coming on hard. When I felt her moving, I’d have to call the kids to come feel . Somehow she seemed to know, and all movement would cease. A little stinker already? Eventually everyone was able to feel some movements. I am now able to tell when she’s awake or sleeping. She definitely has a pattern. I can also tell how she’s lying. She’s been head down since the ultrasound with her legs and knees sometimes to the right, but mostly on the left.

Over the last couple days, the movements have gotten rather large. I just watch as her body moves across my stomach. If I place my hands on my stomach, I can feel her little knees or feet poke out.
While this is all great, it’s starting to hurt. Already. Over the next 7 weeks she’s going to get stronger and those movements that already hurt, are going to start to make me cry out. She is a very active baby. I feel her moving every hour (unless it’s a quiet day – which is rare for her). I have a short torso, so I feel her very high up kicking at my stomach, making me nauseous or pounding me in my bladder or lady parts. FUN!

I would say I was looking forward to when she is tight on room and unable to punch so hard, but I’ve had feet lodged in my ribs for weeks and that’s no fun either.

Let’s just hope she goes easy on her little ol’ mama.

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I’m Real Patient.

I’ve been debating for a week what I wanted to blog about. It’s not like I have many choices really. The main thing going on in my life right now is the pregnancy. I’m still awfully sick, but not as bad as I was 2 weeks ago. But still bad (don’t want ya thinking it ain’t bad!!). I’ve often wished I could go to sleep and wake up in March. Seems a lifetime away. 210 days until my due date. But here’s hoping to giving birth at 37 weeks again.

Last week I heard the babe’s heartbeat for the first time. 165 beats a minute. Lovely. I have one of those home fetal dopplers, and I’m trying my best not to overdo it. Listening once a week should be enough to make me feel comfortable until I feel regular movement.

I think I felt movement with the last 2 pregnancies pretty early on. It was about 17 weeks with the first and much earlier with the next 2. So I’m looking forward to that soon. Once the movements start, seems they don’t stop. It’s kind of freaky at first. Like, “Dude, something is seriously swimming around in me.” But, you get used to it. After birth, you actually start to miss it. When you hold your newborn close and they move their little feet against your tummy, you remember feeling that from the inside, and feel a bit sad. Or, maybe that’s just me.

In about 6 weeks, we can possibly find out the sex. Might be more accurate if we wait 8 weeks. But waiting requires patience and I have none. Who says you get more patient the older you get? Stupid head.

Right now, my symptoms are:

  • Nausea. Pretty much all day, but it lets up sometimes. Not as bad as when it first hit, but can still get pretty bad.
  • Constant pees. Like, too much.
  • WEIRD dreams. I don’t want to even get into all that. You may try to have me committed, dear Internet.
  • Strong sense of smell. I can’t stand the smell of soap even. My own body odor turns me off. Great.
  • Getting sick from eating. OR not eating. Doesn’t matter. *sigh*
  • Bloody noses. Oh yes, this is one of the sexier symptoms. *growwwwwl*

I’m just a barrel of fun ain’t I?

Tired of hearing about my pregnancy? Too bad. I’m knocked up and have 210 more days to deal with this shit, so I’m dragging you along.

In other news, I am working from home for a company that I can’t really talk about. Sounds illegal. It’s not. It’s a perfectly legit job and actually pretty fun and a good way to make some decent money. No MLM, no sales. A real job doing “computer schtuff.” If anyone is interested, I can get you the info.

Oh, forgot to mention. I set up one of those annoying baby pool things. You know, guess the gender, due date, weight, blah, blah?

It’s here:

So exciting right? Guess to give me something to check throughout the next TWO HUNDRED TEN days. No prizes. Don’t be greedy.

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I Feel…

…like shit.

Very depressed and very sick.

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Tired of This Boat Ride.

I have been wanting to blog, but haven’t had the energy. In fact, I have no energy right now. Fumes are typing this entry right now.

I was hit with morning sickness on Aug. 5. Morning sickness that lasts all day and all night.

I can’t explain how bad it feels, but let me try.

  • It feels like I’m on a small boat, in a big ocean, in the middle of a storm. And the waves are bouncing the boat up and down, and up and down, and up and down and…well, you get it.
  • It feels like I drank a gallon of water and then got on a merry go round. Going up and down and round and round and up and down and round and round.

I am so sick.

Nothing seems to help. And I’ve tried EVERYTHING. On top of the constant nausea (no vomiting), I have post nasal drip (yea, that helps the nausea), dizziness, extreme fatigue, dry mouth (dehydrated much?), severe bloating and indigestion, and I’m losing weight. All bad.

I am starving all the time, but only certain things sound good — everything else makes me want to vomit. But I can’t really eat, ’cause if I do, well…I just get sick. There’s no avoiding THE SICK. Eat too little, sick. Eat too much, sick.

I’ve been taking a combination of Unisom and vitamin B6, but it only takes the edge off. Tried coming off of it, and felt like I was dying. Great.

So, mostly I’m in bed all day. Barely able to sit up. Heck, barely able to roll over. Poor me. Poor kids.

So far this pregnancy has been no fun.

Looking forward to the day that I enjoy it.


Bed Bugs Out.

I have an update about my “biting” problem. Not bed bugs (TG!). I started to really wonder on Friday night (yes, this is how I spend my Friday nights) about some of the marks I had. Most of them are tiny and slightly red, but others were really bruised and looked like “hickies”. I decided that the bruised ones were that way because I was attacking my skin (scratching) when I first got them. Since then, I haven’t been scratching and all of the marks are small and don’t look as scary. So, that led me to think that maybe it was not bed bugs…but maybe fleas?

I rescued a kitten about 3 weeks ago. Brought her in, fed her, cleaned her up, flea treated her, then adopted her out after just a few days. BUT maybe she left behind some fleas (or eggs)? UGH!

Professor Google said that I should place a shallow pan of water in front of a bright lamp. Fleas will jump towards the light, fall in the water, and eventually drown. An hour or so passed with me and the kids constantly checking the water. After 2 hours, we saw carpet fibers in the water, but nothing else.

“How the heck did carpet get in the water?” I asked.

Taking a closer look, we noticed a tiny flea swimming away (yes swimming). That sucker was not drowning, so I flushed it.

We put the pan back, but that was all I needed to determine THIS was the cause of my itching. (There was another one in there Saturday morning.)

I debated how I was going to handle the problem, and only decided when I woke that next morning.

I treated the carpet with a powder that I needed to vacuum up and also purchased a spray for the furniture and other areas that couldn’t be reached. (Also had Off to protect me while I was doing it — *humph*)

So far nothing new, so hopefully I’ve cleared up THAT problem. Too bad I’ll probably be itching for another week or so. *sigh*

Friday was an equally busy day. I spent a lot of time in drugstores, license bureaus and the doctor’s office. SM had swollen lymph nodes in her neck the night before. I gave her some green tea and she felt better after a few minutes (the swelling really bothers her — doesn’t hurt, but is very uncomfortable).

The next morning she was fine upon waking, but while I was making breakfast she said her ear was burning and it was also sending some burning sensations down into her throat. This wasn’t the first time her ears bothered her. MOF, she had pressure and neck pain last week, but we thought it was a toothache or something similar.

I called the doctor and got a same day sick appt. I did NOT want to go to the doctor’s office with the flu around. But what could I do? The office had a half dozen kids sitting on the sick side looking MISERABLE. And no one on the well side. We sat on the sick side for about 3 minutes before saying, nu-uh…let’s go to the other side. We still were only about 25 feet away (around a lil’ bend). Not far enough for me. We didn’t have to wait too long.

The doctor was very cool. New doc for us. She looked in SM’s ears first, throat and then nose. She called me over to tell me to look. SM’s turbinates were swollen! That’s why she couldn’t breathe and it was causing her ears to block? Which caused the pressure and pain she felt. She also had some mild sinus pain. The doctor said all of this was caused by SM’s allergies. Possibly it was the cause of her headaches and dizziness/blurry vision she had throughout early summer. She was prescribed a steroid nasal spray for the swelling and the doctor advised us what medicines would help her best with her allergies.

Next step is to determine exactly what she’s allergic to so we can attempt to avoid it because I do NOT want her on a daily medicine (if possible).


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