Wow. I’ve Been Busy, Busy.

I haven’t done any real updating lately. Seems that life is getting in the way of my blog. (as usual) I have a few updates here:

The Blog
I know I have been posting about a lot of homeschool stuff lately. A lot of the people that read my blog are NOT homeschoolers, so I do apologize for the sudden shift. My daughter is now a high schooler and we are focused. I will be sure to post some non-homeschooling related material as well. I have some updates on Ms. NK coming up. She’s having terrible twos at 18-months. UGH.

We are knee-deep in the homeschool life here. Really. Outside of the day to day schooling, I’ve started a bowling club that meets every Friday (considering changing it to every other Friday), and there was a great turn out. That gives us something to look forward to on Friday afternoons.  Trying to develop some more outings and activities soon.

I have had some requests to add our HOAW readings to the ancient history lesson plans I have here, so I will be adding those soon. I really need to find a better way to list those plans, but no time for that now.

I know readers like to see pictures of what’s going on as well, but oh, it’s such a daunting task. Not taking them…UPLOADING them. I have a ton of pictures on Instagram, but adding them here makes me grunt. I should still do it…and uh…I will. Someday.

Not much going on here. With work (which I love) and homeschooling and parenting, there’s just not a lot of time for extras. We did manage to go to the drive-in movie the other day. Not such a great experience for me with a toddler (hello mustard on my clothes and steering wheel!), but the kids and my mom enjoyed it. The girls and I have been watching The Walking Dead. I’ve already seen it and yes I’m one of those mothers that skips parts. One of them watches from under a blanket. =/

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