It seems like the only posts I make are those that are whining/complaining/crying/excuse-making about not updating. Add this one to the list.

I haven’t even posted much about the baby. Who is now a year old. How can this be? I guess life got in the way? Or I forgot? Or maybe something else?

I don’t know.

Quick update. All my children are beautiful and healthy. SM is 14. SA is 12. RS is about to be 10. And NK is 1!

My life is the same, but different. New people added to the mix, but still the same ol’ same ol’ of parenting and homeschooling.

I guess you’ll see more updates. Just don’t expect long posts. I’m short on words.

Is there a WordPress app? I need an easy way to upload pictures. Yeah. I got a MacBook, and still haven’t totally figured out how to use it. Using iPhoto seems cumbersome, and I know there has to be a better way. I probably should just load my phone pics on the Mac (who I call Luna — yes I name my devices. Lita and Lola are the others) the same way I did my PC. Via the USB cord. I wanted to be fancy with my Mac I suppose. Probably.

At any rate, this is my update. Promise there will be more. I’m using this to document some homeschool stuff. I think. Yeah. I will. As well as my journey/voyage/drama into the field of programming. Or trying to. Uh, and did I mention I’m half way through a book? No? Well, you’re the first one to find out. I’ve told no one. The book is actually a short novel. Novella? And uh…It’s not written like I write here. *thinks* Nope. But in case, I’ll be sure to find an editor.

K. That’s all I have for now.

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