So Amazing.

The most exciting time during pregnancy, is when you start to feel movement from your child.

It started as small flutters when you’re having a quiet evening. I spent many nights, not moving. “Quietly “listening” for my baby. It slowly progressed to small taps. As if someone is lightly tapping with their fingertip. The taps got stronger and it was comforting to feel her daily. Reassurance that she was okay in there.

What’s truly amazing, is that the small taps changed to jabs/kicks almost overnight. I was suddenly feeling movement all over my belly, not just in the pelvic area. I remember the night I felt movement to the left of my belly button and near my right hip at the same time! Did she stretch? Was she that long? An ultrasound just a couple days later verified she was that long and that her knees were even starting to bend from lack of space. Hm, guess she was a lot bigger than I thought. After the ultrasound at 20 weeks, the movements started coming on hard. When I felt her moving, I’d have to call the kids to come feel . Somehow she seemed to know, and all movement would cease. A little stinker already? Eventually everyone was able to feel some movements. I am now able to tell when she’s awake or sleeping. She definitely has a pattern. I can also tell how she’s lying. She’s been head down since the ultrasound with her legs and knees sometimes to the right, but mostly on the left.

Over the last couple days, the movements have gotten rather large. I just watch as her body moves across my stomach. If I place my hands on my stomach, I can feel her little knees or feet poke out.
While this is all great, it’s starting to hurt. Already. Over the next 7 weeks she’s going to get stronger and those movements that already hurt, are going to start to make me cry out. She is a very active baby. I feel her moving every hour (unless it’s a quiet day – which is rare for her). I have a short torso, so I feel her very high up kicking at my stomach, making me nauseous or pounding me in my bladder or lady parts. FUN!

I would say I was looking forward to when she is tight on room and unable to punch so hard, but I’ve had feet lodged in my ribs for weeks and that’s no fun either.

Let’s just hope she goes easy on her little ol’ mama.

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