360 Degrees

So, I really haven’t blogged in quite some time. That’s not really surprising though. There are often 6 month breaks in between posts. But that’s alright. Cause I was doing stuff. And stuff.

In June I mentioned something about getting my shit together by August. Well, I did. I made decisions about work, school and housing. And don’t you know I’ve done just about a 360. That’s right. I’m almost exactly where I started one year ago.

I’m back to doing the same job. I’m living in a home just down the road from my old home. And school…well, I still hate it and it’s around. Although, this semester, I had to drop my classes. I was working full-time outside the home, doing client work after work, while homeschooling, and in the middle of moving. I was falling behind in my assignments and thought it best to drop the classes and pick them up in Jan. *sigh*

So now, I have a bit more time on my hands, but I have 3 design clients that I’m working with and one of them is driving me crazy with the changes she’s making. I also picked up a logo design project just yesterday. Surprise, surprise, they want it done cheap. *snort*

Now the good part! KIDS! Mine and the daycare. I quit daycare in Feb 2008 to help my dad at his business. How on Earth did I end up BACK in it?? I have to say, while homeschooling this is the best thing I can do. Everything else keeps me out of the loop too much. While I was working outside the home my ex was guiding them through the lessons. He was to keep track of things they needed help with so I could help them when I got home. HA! Didn’t happen. Now I feel like I actually know what’s going on. We’ve been learning about Vikings in history. Sandro Botticelli in artist study. Earthquakes and Volcanoes in science. Interesting stuff.

Now, I’ve got to go and wash my hair. I have parent interviews tomorrow and I want to look like I haven’t been rolling in dirt! Then after that I clean the kitchen, which is the WORST JOB IN THE FREAKIN’ WORLD! And then a movie with the kids before I work on one of my clients projects.

Have a beautiful Saturday night. ♥

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