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Ok. Quick. Before I Get In The Shower.

I got this from Roni.

1. Can you sing the fight song?

2. Who was your favorite teacher?
I don’t think I had one. Honestly, my memory is sucky. I can barely remember ANY names of the teachers in high school. Oddly, I can remember the teacher’s names from elementary school.

3. What was your school mascot?

4. Did you go to the Prom?
Hells yea. Actually, I wasn’t going to go, but my family talked me into going. My aunt bought my dress. My date was my boyfriend at the time. He was two years older and we had been dating since Dec of that school year. The prom was suckage…after prom was suckage…but I really enjoyed being with him.

5. If you could go back, would you?
Hells no.

6. What do you remember most about graduation?
I told you about my memory right? I remember taking a lot of pictures. My parents, family, and boyfriend were there. THEN, my EX boyfriend showed up (he was from a different school). Dude adored me.

7. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?
I have no idea. I don’t think we had one.

8. Did you have a job your senior year?
I sure did. I worked at FootLocker in the mall. Best teen job EVER.

9. Where did you go most often for lunch?
Uh..the lunchroom? And after that we mostly went into the E-Room (big screen tv, games, tables for sitting and gossiping or doing work).

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I’m Gonna Be Real Lazy Today.

I’m feeling a bit down today. Seems like I have so much to do in the upcoming weeks. I think I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I’ll stick to my “TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME” plan. It makes me feel a little less stressed.

So today, it pretty warm (80). Sunny…breezy. Just a real nice day. We have no real plans this afternoon, so it’s going to be one of those lazy ones. We’ll probably sit outside and swat flies. (that sounded real country) I want to go get some Sweet Tea, but remember…I said I’m feeling lazy. That drive might be too much for me.

Yesterday my aunt went to the hospital for her heart. When she was at her gym, I guess they tested her heart rate and said it was too high? Or too sporadic? I don’t know. But she ended up admitted to the hospital. I guess she has some blockage and they need to do some surgery (same one they did to my dad) to get rid of it. She’ll also need to take some prescription meds. They told her the cause was fried foods and smoking. I think my mom said she smokes about two packs per day. PER DAY? WOW.

I don’t really eat too many fried foods. But that’s mostly because it takes more work than baking.

Oh shut up.

Like you didn’t know I was lazy.

I also don’t smoke, but it still makes you think about your health.

I’ve been real lazy with my exercising lately. I had a date with Billy Blanks the other night and he kicked my ass. I haven’t seen him since. *humph*

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I Hate Gas.

Today is Memorial Day.

I think I’m going to stay home. I really can’t afford to drive any more. Gas is over 4 bucks. 4 BUCKS! PER GALLON. Dudes. It’s bad because I even dreamed about gas. Who has dreams about pumping gas?

Anyway, I will probably treat the ride to a washing since I haven’t washed it since like….Jan. True story. And we live in a pretty “wooded” area. So there are crumbled leaves and pollen and other crap all over it. Nice.

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Gitcho Mind Right.

Ex: I thought I told you?
Me: “I thought I told ja!”
Ex: Um..what?
Me: “I thought I told ja! I thought I told ja!” *laughs*
Ex: da hell wrong with you?
Me: You don’t remember that song? “I thought I told ja!”
Ex: That ain’t no damn song. You made that shit up.
Me: is I swear. Like, in the 90’s. Master P and ’em. I can’t remember any other lyrics, but I’m hearing it in my head. “I thought I told ja! I thought I told ja!”
Ex: *laughing* YOU crazy. That ain’t no song, but that’s a nice little hook you got there.
Me: OMGGGG, it is! How do I know a rap song and YOU don’t?
Ex: Was that in your hood rat days?? *laughs* I’m just playing *cough*
Me: STHU! No…but I remember there were only a few rap songs that I knew and me and Cynt used to play them over and over and knew all the words. *laughs*

Ex: You crazy. That ain’t no song.
Me: I’m about to find this song! *determined* *searching lyrics* NO LIMIT SOLDIERS!
Ex: Yea…but I don’t remember that song. Find the song or else I’m calling bullshit.
Me: *searching for 5 minutes* BAM!

Ex: Oh…damn. I do remember that son. Damn. Damn. *laughs*
Me: *nods* I’m ALWAYS right.

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Just Another Quickie.

I have been trying to go back and tag all my old entries. Yea…that’s a nightmare. So, clicking the tags won’t necessarily take you to all the entries that SHOULD be tagged with that particular tag (get it?).

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