Your Best Friend Is Just An Affair Away.

People ask me  why I’m no longer with my husband. When I say it’s because he cheated, they give me a look. A look that says (very clearly)…”And?”

For some reason I thought that was one of the deal breakers. Heck. I thought it was one of the MAJOR deal breakers. I’m learning (now) that women are staying with their men after an affair. I’m all for it! After I first found out, I was determined to find out what our issues were, and fix them because…cheating is just the result of some bigger issues. Right? Well, in our case…not so much. Cheating was THE issue. He and I were able to agree that most things stemmed from him being a WOB. *sigh*  So I threw in the towel. That’s one thing I do easily. Give up. Fail. *shrug*

We don’t work together. BUT. BUT. (there’s a big but). We are REALLY GOOD friends. Like…almost the best of friends. I get another look when I say that or when they hear me talking to him.

“How can you laugh with him?”

“Wait…y’all are still cool?”

“I could never be good friends with an ex.”

Yes’m. We work better this way. He lives on the next street. A whole 35 seconds away. And I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Well I could, cause I certainly can’t borrow maxi pads from him, BUT…hey…he will pick them up at Walmart for me.

So, my friends think I’m odd. I left my husband because he cheated…and I couldn’t deal with it. BUT, he and I are now best buds. Go figure.

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One Response to Your Best Friend Is Just An Affair Away.

  1. Kristine says:

    That’s so cool how it ended up. :)

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