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50 Things – 10/2007

I decided to do another 100 things. I did one almost exactly 4 years ago:

Then I realized not much has changed about ME. So this one is just 50 things!

  1. I am 31 years old.
  2. I can probably still pass for 20….or at least 25!
  3. I am no longer with my husband.
  4. I live with my 3 children.
  5. They are my life.
  6. I homeschool all 3 of them (k, 2, and 4th grades).
  7. I still hate bras.
  8. I always “forget” to work out.
  9. I wear a ring I got from 8th grade graduation and one my mother gave to me a few years back.
  10. I have two tattoos.
  11. I had my nose pierced.
  12. I let it close after a month.
  13. I’m poor. (lol)
  14. My car hates me.
  15. I have a laptop that I love so much!
  16. I have dry skin.
  17. I love green tea.
  18. Or any tea.
  19. I watch cartoons more than anything.
  20. I have a Blackberry Curve that my children named Bella.
  21. Oh my how I love Bella! lol
  22. I read blogs from Viigo on Bella.
  23. I stay up way too late most nights.
  24. I know I don’t get enough sleep.
  25. I hate to get up early.
  26. I hate getting up late even more (when the day is half over).
  27. Plain or glazed donuts. mmmmm
  28. I am currently a student.
  29. I hate school.
  30. I suck at writing, so I hate English/Composition classes the most.
  31. Wait. I hate math classes too.
  32. And … hell. I hate school.
  33. I think I’m lactose intolerant.
  34. Well, I definitely can’t handle whole milk. It makes me wanna puke.
  35. I try to work out daily…but usually only manage twice a week.
  36. My purse is always on the floor. Maybe that’s why I’m poor.
  37. I love orange soda.
  38. And grape.
  39. Orange juice is yummy, but makes me sick to my stomach.
  40. I love pens.
  41. And post-it notes.
  42. I make tons of homeschooling worksheets and materials that I’ll add to the site one day.
  43. We just bought a crapload of Halloween candy and I have no idea what to do with it all.
  44. My spellchecker says crapload is not a word. What a load of crap!
  45. My language is actually quite clean.
  46. I am determined never to work for “the man….”
  47. Our Sunday schedule consists of Bible study, a handicraft, nature study, literature w/mom and silent reading. =/
  48. We don’t attend church.
  49. I call toilet paper, tissue. Is that bad?
  50. My favorite NON cartoon shows are, The Bachelor, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, House and Private Practice.
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Those that are broken, always say they are fine, because they know everyone will believe it.

This month is not going as smoothly as Octobers usually do, my dear INTERNETS.

October-January are usually my best months of the year. THE. BEST. I love fall. I love the holidays. The house is decorated for the harvest season and Christmas (not at the same time you silly willy INTERNETS).

This year…so far…not so much. I managed to put out a fake pumpkin with a light in it. That’s about it.

The house is usually sparkling and smells like cinnamon and apple and you just feel warm and yummy when you walk in.

Again…this year…not so much.

I really need to clean up and get it together. I’ve been in a serious funk and it’s messing with my holiday happiness and shit. Got damnit.

So, whatever the hell has been kicking my ass for the last two weeks is in for a rude awakening tomorrow. Me and the kids are doing a deep cleaning, lighting some of those yummy candles we love and finally getting to making our mummy for school. Then we are heading to see some family here from out of town. Gonna rake some leaves on Sunday. Fix the yard up a bit, scrub the garage floor (yes…shut up).

The kids and I will probably spend the rest of Sunday knitting and gossiping our type of gossip (not that mean stuff you seem to like dear INTERNETS). Sipping green tea (apple cinnamon for them), making banana bread and hanging out. I feel better just thinking about it.

Things don’t always go the way they should, but I swear if you let that unhappiness take you over, you will drown. I refuse it.

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I Won’t Let This One Pass Me By.

Do you realize it’s OCTOBER. OC-TO-BER. Where the heck did September go? I usually have one or two God-awful things happen in September, but this one flew past and I can’t even remember it. It reminds me of July 1996-Nov 1996. Woosh! Went by in a blur. Have no idea what I was doing in those months. But that time, it was due to the whirlwind life of a party girl. Yea. We’ll discuss that one some other time.

But anyway, it’s October and I plan to actually DO something this month. Things that excite ME. Things that I will remember once Nov 2007 rolls around. I made a list. (Yes another list. Shut up.)

  • Knit (and complete) 3-4 Christmas gifts. (Yes, that excites me. Hush you.)
  • Make sure my financial aid comes through before classes start in Jan. (Okay…this should really be on my to-do list, but it’s important, so I’m putting it on every damn list I make. Even the grocery list.)
  • Take the kids to pick apples AND pumpkins. Also, a hayride is in order. (this will be a blast!)
  • Decorate for Halloween. (Pumpkins, scarecrows and hay! Oh my!)
  • Make yummy cookies!
  • Lose 3 inches on my waist. (Yes, I realize I’m tiny, BUT my waist…oh man. I won’t tell you how many inches she is these days. =( And until hour glass goes out off style and “box-like” becomes sexy, I’m LOSING AT LEAST 3 INCHES DAMNIT!)
  • Spend at least ONE Saturday with someone that doesn’t call me Mommy, and doesn’t ask me to wipe their butt. (That last parts optional.)
  • Finish watching Season 1 of The Wire. (Again. A refresher is needed)
  • Nookie. (Can I say nookie on the Internets? Make nookie? Get nookie? Have nookie? I dunno. This one is optional and likely one of those urban legend things.)

I will report back in a week to let you know if I’ve completed anything.

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Your Best Friend Is Just An Affair Away.

People ask me  why I’m no longer with my husband. When I say it’s because he cheated, they give me a look. A look that says (very clearly)…”And?”

For some reason I thought that was one of the deal breakers. Heck. I thought it was one of the MAJOR deal breakers. I’m learning (now) that women are staying with their men after an affair. I’m all for it! After I first found out, I was determined to find out what our issues were, and fix them because…cheating is just the result of some bigger issues. Right? Well, in our case…not so much. Cheating was THE issue. He and I were able to agree that most things stemmed from him being a WOB. *sigh*  So I threw in the towel. That’s one thing I do easily. Give up. Fail. *shrug*

We don’t work together. BUT. BUT. (there’s a big but). We are REALLY GOOD friends. Like…almost the best of friends. I get another look when I say that or when they hear me talking to him.

“How can you laugh with him?”

“Wait…y’all are still cool?”

“I could never be good friends with an ex.”

Yes’m. We work better this way. He lives on the next street. A whole 35 seconds away. And I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Well I could, cause I certainly can’t borrow maxi pads from him, BUT…hey…he will pick them up at Walmart for me.

So, my friends think I’m odd. I left my husband because he cheated…and I couldn’t deal with it. BUT, he and I are now best buds. Go figure.

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