Yesterday I took all three kids to see the movie Ratatouille. We drove to a theater far away because…well, because the one near us doesn’t sell Raisinettes. How can a theater NOT sell them? So w/o thinking that I could just buy some (Office Max has theater size boxes) and smuggle them in, I drove 15 minutes farther to another theater. My eldest daughter, who usually gets sick on any car ride over 35 seconds (one time she even got sick before I even started the car) was fine all the way. “Mommm, I’m having puberty now. I’m so over that.” And that’s a whole ‘notha story.

So anyway, we went to the theater and shockingly there were only about 4 other families there to see the movie. I like to sit fairly close to the movie, so we found our seats and started digging into our treats. Since I hadn’t had dinner, I was really hungry. Suddenly I realized I had popcorn in one hand, Raisinettes in the other, and i was tossing them in my mouth at the same time. The kids were eating their candies all dainty like. You know. Cause “mommy” taught them about manners. And here I was eating like a hog. The movie was good. But too long for me. I know I’m getting old because I can’t focus for more than an hour (about the time a Lifetime Movie would last). After that I lost focus. I was trying to find a signal on my phone so I could text, digging in the kids’ candy, polishing the sweat off of the soda cup. I really think I have some type of ADD. So anyway, my son decided to sit in my lap. Best. Thing. Ever. He sat on my lap and I was warm….and then….I dozed off. More than once. I missed some parts of the movie, but that’s ok. The kids didn’t even notice and I was well rested for the 24 minute drive home. =)

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