Happy Father’s Day.

Today is Father’s Day. I’ll be calling my dad and Ray. But that’s about it. We have no plans, but I think Ray wants to get the kids.

More would have been planned but I’m so far behind in assignments that I need much of the next week or so to catch up. I took 4 courses this semester. 2 of them were self-paced PC courses. Hardware and programming. Two things I excel in. So, I put it off and put it off and put it off and now the summer semester (session I) ends this Friday. That means 3 of my classes end. 2 of those are the PC courses. LOL. So um, yea…I’m playing catch-up. The hardware course is going along smoothly, but the programming course was giving me some issues because I couldn’t get Visual Basic (the version I have) to install correctly on my 64-bit Vista PC. UGH! After hours of trying to figure out the issue, I gave up and got a new installation (trial) from Microsoft. Of course it’s different from the version I’m used to, so it’s slowing me down. *sigh*

I want to try to get a lot of it done today, but I do need to take time to get this house in order because the kids (daycare) will be back tomorrow. I’m excited b/c I sent out a notice Friday that I’ll no longer be serving lunch. The kids will have to bring their own. It was becoming insane because one kid has allergies to tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries. And he can’t have fish or peanut butter (peanuts is understandable). So, that cut out a lot of meals! I serve a lot of oranges and strawberries. ha! And once I started paying attention to labels b/c of his allergies, I noticed I was serving a lot of things with tomatoes or tomato flakes in it. His mom was supposed to bring an alternative on days he couldn’t eat what I served. She hasn’t. So each time I’d give him a Gerber Toddler meal and those things cost close to 3 bucks each. They only pay 5 bucks a week for lunch! Ugh. Then the other two kids I watch don’t have allergies, but their parents won’t let them eat pork, beef, or have milk (they have to have soy milk) and the kids don’t like cheese. I was totally running out of menu ideas. My kids don’t care if they eat peanut butter and bananas every day. lol. I’m just hoping everyone remembers their lunch tomorrow. I’m sending out a reminder email this evening.

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