What’s the Topic of the Next Blog?

I asked people to give me blogging ideas. Not that I need them, cause I have a whole list. However, no one cares about my SHIT THAT JUST SHOULDN’T MATTER or my obsessions with cleaning or why I can only sleep well when he’s around.

Here’s the list I’ve received so far (yea…some of these come from the same person):

*Blog about homeschooling
*Blog about your breakup w/ the ex
*Blog about our relationship
*Blog about your ability to bring up anal sex in any conversation
*Blog about your ability to gross folks out and laugh at the same time (yea..rofl)
*Blog about your childhood
*Blog about something your kids did
*Blog about the boobs you lost (rofl!)
*Blog about your experience with dating a younger man ( =/ )
*Blog about having braces
*Blog about your views on the President
*Blog about who you’d date if you were a dike (a dike? lol)
*Blog about starting DaBoard (ODB)
*Blog about your memories of pregnancy/childbirth
*Blog about getting older ( =/ )
*Blog about what you did today (now THAT would be boring..lol)
*Blog about what it’s like to be 30 and look 12 (heffa)
*Blog about pet peeves
*Blog about something you’ve purchased recently (oh wait, you mean with all that money I don’t have? rofl)
*Blog about your views on marriage
*Blog about where you see yourself in 5 years
*Blog about what it’s like to be so got damned skinny ( =/ )
*Blog about finding the right haircut (what..? I have no clue)
*Blog about eating snatch (wtf?? you mean…having it done?? what? lol)
*Blog about your relationship with your parents
*Blog about when you met me (yea..cuz that’s interesting)
*Blog about getting a tattoo
*Blog about what you’d do if the world were ending tomorrow
*Blog about what you think of the Mayan calendar and 2012
*Blog about photography (rofl…um…I know nothing)
*Blog about your enemies (I have none)
*Blog about siblings (I have none)


Good list…although some of that shit’s just plain mean. =/

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