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When I Get My Braces Off, Just Hand Me My Dentures.

Gray is nature’s way of whispering “You’re dying.”

Geez. Just what I needed to hear.

Saturday, January 27, 2007…while washing my face I saw it.

In my hairline.


I thought maybe I was seeing things…I mean, my hair DOES have a few different shades in it…maybe it was just a lighter strand, but the S/O confirmed that old age had finally set in.

“I see it!” He said.

“No, no…I need to turn on a brighter light, you won’t be able to see it. Here…lemme…”

“No! I see it!”

Almost like a young child pointing out a zit on the tip of your nose.

“There! There! OMG! It’s hideous!”


In dim lighting, still lying in bed, half asleep…he was able to make out the ONE lonely short piece of gray in my hair.

I suddenly felt my back hunching, my teeth loosening, and my eyesight fading.

I wobbled back to the bathroom where I preformed a precision comb over that hid the gray and let me believe I was young again.

I poplocked back to the bedroom to make him a believer too.


The end.

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The Blog That Will Change Your Life!

I was gonna come in here in post something smoove. (yes…smoove damnit)

Something so very interesting. (yes…very)

Something that would make you rethink your whole way of living! (yes…I can be that powerful)

But then the cinnamon rolls called my name. mmmmmm

And the coke poured itself into an ice filled glass. ahhhhhh

And Invader Zim did something that cracked me UP.

And I tee-hee’d for a bit.

And then I licked the frosting from my fingers at almost 2 am in the morning…turned to my PC…and had a serious brain fart.

So you know what?

Fuck it.

Have a good night.

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What’s the Topic of the Next Blog?

I asked people to give me blogging ideas. Not that I need them, cause I have a whole list. However, no one cares about my SHIT THAT JUST SHOULDN’T MATTER or my obsessions with cleaning or why I can only sleep well when he’s around.

Here’s the list I’ve received so far (yea…some of these come from the same person):

*Blog about homeschooling
*Blog about your breakup w/ the ex
*Blog about our relationship
*Blog about your ability to bring up anal sex in any conversation
*Blog about your ability to gross folks out and laugh at the same time (yea..rofl)
*Blog about your childhood
*Blog about something your kids did
*Blog about the boobs you lost (rofl!)
*Blog about your experience with dating a younger man ( =/ )
*Blog about having braces
*Blog about your views on the President
*Blog about who you’d date if you were a dike (a dike? lol)
*Blog about starting DaBoard (ODB)
*Blog about your memories of pregnancy/childbirth
*Blog about getting older ( =/ )
*Blog about what you did today (now THAT would be
*Blog about what it’s like to be 30 and look 12 (heffa)
*Blog about pet peeves
*Blog about something you’ve purchased recently (oh wait, you mean with all that money I don’t have? rofl)
*Blog about your views on marriage
*Blog about where you see yourself in 5 years
*Blog about what it’s like to be so got damned skinny ( =/ )
*Blog about finding the right haircut (what..? I have no clue)
*Blog about eating snatch (wtf?? you mean…having it done?? what? lol)
*Blog about your relationship with your parents
*Blog about when you met me (yea..cuz that’s interesting)
*Blog about getting a tattoo
*Blog about what you’d do if the world were ending tomorrow
*Blog about what you think of the Mayan calendar and 2012
*Blog about photography (rofl…um…I know nothing)
*Blog about your enemies (I have none)
*Blog about siblings (I have none)


Good list…although some of that shit’s just plain mean. =/

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