Sleep Don’t Come Easy.

The past couple of weeks I haven’t been sleeping. At least, not at night. I seem to easily drop off mid-movie/tv show. =/ I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t sleep or if it’s because I won’t allow myself to sleep. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and I always find something else that I must do. Now. So I stay up late and get up early…sometimes only getting one hour of rest.Am I tired during the day? Yup. There are moments when extreme sleepiness hits me, but then it’s gone…just like that.

I know I need sleep, now if I could only convince “her” of that. Old + ugly = GET SOME GOT DAMN BEAUTY SLEEP!! It get’s really bad when my PVC’s (google) act up. It’s usually effected by caffeine, sugar, stress or being so darn tired I can barely see straight. My heart feels all jumpy and I know I need the rest.

So, what can I do to convince the brain that the ol’ body needs sleep?

Bad ideas:
– tea at 11pm *bouncing in chair*
– chocolate chip cookies @ midnight *mmmmm*
– chocolate chip cookies washed down with tea @ 1am *mmmmmer*
– balancing checkbook *gawd…help*
– watching horror flick that leaves me sitting up in bed w/bed sheets pulled up to my eyeballs *bad bad bad…damnit*
– thinking about how everyone in the house is sleeping…and possibly the whole entire world! GAH! And how this would be a perfect time for those fruitin’ aliens to come down and abduct me *yea..I know..that’s taking it a bit far*
– watching any film that has sex or simulated sex or humping or making out or kissing or touching of skkkiiiinnnn or a man and a woman in the same room *counts days since last time…damnit*

Good ideas:
– a relaxing bath *with candles..mmmmm*
– read a book *not a book with sex…ZANE! damnit*
– put on a Winnie …zzzZZZZ…. sorry… the Pooh ….zzzzZZZZ… sorry… movie *yawn..bor…ing*

– Music *and not that verbzy kind*
– Sex. *damnit*So, one of those methods I’m going to try tonight. Guess which ONE it won’t be. =/

I have loads of crap to do today. As usual. I was going to take a picture of my “to do list”…but my camera needs charging. *adds to list*

If you see me online after 9:30 10:00 10:30, tell me to take a hike. =)


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