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You’re Part-Time, Remember?

*update* No idea why they were at my door this AM. But she did call me around 11AM to tell me they wouldn’t be coming today. YAY! She got a new job (which I knew she was trying to get) so tomorrow the babe will be full-time, 9-4pm. I’m excited. Means more money for me. rofl.


Just one kid coming today. At 1. I can get up late. Lollygag a bit. Right? WRONG! My doorbell rang at 9:00am. Since I was barely up, I didn’t even answer. I looked out the window and guess who’s at my door? My DCP! w/baby in tow! I have no idea why, but my policy states that you may not (w/o permission) drop your kid off any earlier than your contracted time. Her contracted time is 1pm-6pm. I really can’t wait to see what her reason was. It better be a heck of a good one.

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So, I sat on hold for maybe 2 minutes. Sharon, the rep I spoke with was nice. She said that they had problems with the mailing labels making it to where they should go. So she said she would send me another. I would get a credit of 249.99 + 7.5% tax once they received it (or 10 days after receiving it).

*insert screeching car sound*

Um. Soooo if it was y’all’s fault, shouldn’t I get an immediate credit? I’m just saying. Ok. I didn’t say. I should have, but I didn’t. So, 7-10 days to get the label. 7-10 days for them to get the DVR & another 10 to get a credit. A month! They get to keep my money for a month?? That ain’t right!

So I asked my mom’s advice, because I ask her about…well…about everything. She said I was absolutely right. [right on mom!] She then got all my info and said she was going to call and act like me…and she can be a real BITCH! lol.

She got a supervisor by the name of Garth [hate you Garth!] and she said he was a total jerk! He said it’s not their fault. It’s the post office’s fault. I got to remember to tell my bill collectors that when they don’t get my payment. But yea. It’s the fault of the post office, so I still have to pay! She went round and round with him. Asking why there was no notice of the charge….etc…smh.

I called my bank to dispute the charge and they said I have to wait for it to go through, since right now it’s only authorized. I can’t wait for it to go through because I will be disputing it. I really wish I wasn’t in a yr contract. I’d cancel and go with DirecTv’s DVR.

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Hold Time.

10-15 minutes. *passes out*

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QotD: I wish I could…

Play any instrument or speak any language, which do you choose?
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I think I would choose to speak any language. Italian maybe??? =)

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Why the secrets? (oh so random)

I don’t blog much anymore. I used to try to blog daily wayyyy back in 2000/2001. I got tired of trying to pick and choose things throughout my day to post about. “Why are you so secretive?” I’ve been asked. I didn’t think that I was…but if I am…well…I dunno. Is it because I care what people think? Eh. Maybe. Is it because I’m boring. rofl. More than likely. So anyway…they want all. I tell all. 😀

I’m in a bit of a funker today. When I first moved to this house…back in May, I ordered Tivo. *yay Tivo* But I realized I ordered the wrong box. I called customer service immediately and asked if I could cancel my order, so I could get another box. Here’s how it went down:

Rep: Tivo customer service lady here

Me: Um yes. I just ordered service on your Web site, but I realized the box I ordered won’t work with my satellite. It’s for CABLE. Would it be possible to cancel that box and order a new one?

Rep: Huh?

Me: The box I just ordered. It won’t work with my satellite service. Can I cancel it or just replace with a box that WILL work.

Rep: Oh. Um. No.

Me: No?

Rep: Here’s what you should do. Just order a new one…when you get the you don’t want, just return it and we will issue a credit.

Me: Um. You sure lady?

Rep: Oh yea. I can’t cancel your order, but you can return the box. No worries.

So, I reluctantly say ok. Order the box I need. And wait. I got both boxes and was a giddy and happy and Tivo-ing for a week before I realized, OMG, I gotta send this box back or I will have TWO bills.

So I called Tivo again:

Rep: Tivo customer service dude here!

Me: Um. Yes. I ordered two Tivo boxes w/ service accidentally and the rep (who’s name I didn’t get) told me to just return the one I couldn’t use. Can you tell me how to do that?

Rep: DUDE! You could have totally just canceled the one you didn’t want before it was even shipped.

Me: *insert wtf face*

Rep: But sure! I’ll send you all the information for you to send it back. AND I’ll cancel your extra account!

Me: Yea. Ok. Thanks.

Now, the next part is my fault. It’s been a month now and I never got the info, do you think I called them. NO! I forgot. There’s been lay-offs from jobs, baby-making practicing!, school, job quitting, starting new businesses, and 30th birthdays!

So, yesterday…I almost puked when I saw they charged my credit card (well debit card) $279.99!!! for an early termination fee. *passes out* With all those job lay-offs and job quitting and business starting…wth can afford that!? So I got right on the phone, but it was like11:30 pm ET and they were totally closed.

So here I am counting the hours until I can TOTALLY give them a call back! I am hoping they will be cool about all this. *eek*

ALSO, the SO and I have not been getting along. We tend to have one good day…and one fighting day…or maybe two fighting days. *shrug*

Anyway, I think at around 8pm I told him I would call him back. I wanted to have dinner, do some things with the kids…etc. I called him back at around 12:30am after having dinner, letting Shanon comb my hair [lawd], watching movies w/ the kids, letting my friend come over to vent for an hour AND my parents showed up at my door! What a surprise that was since they never come w/o calling. And they are usually too lazy to drive to my house.

Anyway, he’s all, “yea” when I call. 😐 So, he was obviously pissed with me, but I can’t figure out why. He calls me LATE a lot of the time because of his obligations, but he didn’t seem to be ok with my late calling. SO, I got upset. I hate when people use the “I don’t really want to be talking to you” tone on me. I’d rather just NOT talk. & I told him that. So yea…I guess we aren’t talking right now. *sigh* How lame.

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