Babblin’ Boy.

OMG…I can’t believe how much I’ve been neglecting my blog.

I was thinking of getting THE BOY’s speech evaluated. He does not talk. Well, he babbles…it almost sounds as if he’s speaking Chinese. He has whole conversations, just not anything we can understand. He only says a few words that we can comprehend.

“Mommy, Daddy, I Love You, No, Mine, Incredible (yes, he can say the whole freakin’ word!!)” and something that sounds like “juice?” He can usually get what he wants by using sign language of some sort. The Hubby seems to think he’s just a late talker, which is possible since he was a late talker and my girls were also late talkers. I still want to get him evaluated though. He’ll be 3 in June and I think both of the girls were saying more words. SM even knew the whole alphabet. I suppose I’ll take it up with his pediatrician.

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