Don’t Corrupt the Kids.

OK…I’ll make this quick. We had our sleepover Saturday. Two of the girls were 7 and 8. (close to 8 & 9)…they complained I wouldn’t let them watch the chappelle show, white chicks, barbershop and others. They said they had seen them and watched it with their parents. The 7 year old was like, “I LOVE DAVE CHAPPELLE. I’M RICH ________!” Of course she didn’t say it though. These same two girls were preoccupied with sex. Everything was about sex and boobies. We couldn’t play any games without them talking about it. We played Scene It Jr and one of the answers was Halle Berry. The 8 year old was like, MY BROTHERS LOVE HALLE BERRY, HER BOOBS ARE SO HUGE. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HUGE HER BOOBS ARE??……and she was going on and on…I’m like, who cares?? You’re 8. Worry ‘bout some Barbie dolls or something. These kids have truly lost their innocence. They kept calling the other girls gay. It was odd to me. And sad. The 7 year old can’t even read, but knows all about the Chappelle show?? Sounds fucked up to me. SD was just like, well, I don’t watch those kinds of movies. And she doesn’t. Sure, my kids know about cursing and sex and drugs and violence…but they don’t watch it for entertainment. We have enough movies for kids, why do they need a movie that is for adults? I sometimes wonder why parents don’t monitor their kids more. Why feed them all that GARBAGE?

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