And Today I Will Rest.

Yesterday my phone rang at 15 minutes to 9. Now, it’s Saturday…2 of my kids are at my cousins house…I’m thinking I’m going to have a lazy day. A day that involves, at the very least, sleeping late. When I answered the phone, my eldest daughter said, “Hi Mommy.” I spoke with her for a few minutes before I spoke with my cousin. She wanted nothing more than to tell me how/what they were doing. They were doing fine and they weren’t doing anything. *smh* I enjoyed talking to my babies though. My cousin also forgot to tell me that she had a baby shower to go to at noon, so my kids would be going over to my OTHER cousins house. Um…how do you call and offer to babysit my kids and then realize you have something to do. I would have CANCELED that other thing. So yea, my kids got dumped on my other cousin. Which means they weren’t staying the whole weekend and I was going to have to pick them up later. K.

After that I called my mom to see what she wanted to do, since I was up and all. We decided to do some shopping. I’d have to take THE BOY, but he would be cool. Ray asked me to take my sd to her mom’s house (well really her grandmother’s house since mom lives over there). I huffed but agreed to do it. The agreement was her mother was to pick her up every Saturday after dance…now she can never get over here to get her. Which means, unless I want to babysit, I need to take her over there. It’s a 40 minute drive on the freeway. *sigh* It also meant I had to wait for my sd’s dance class to be over before I could get out. Her class doesn’t end until 2:00 PM. *blah*

When I dropped her off, her mom wasn’t there (figures) and some guy came out to greet her. I *thought* I knew what her uncle looked like, but this guy didn’t look like her uncle. I can’t wait to find out who it was. I’m just curious to find out if it’s her mom’s other children’s father..or her mom’s boyfriend…or someone totally unrelated.

After that, we had to get back to our side of town to go to TARGET! w00t! I don’t know why I love Target. I always go in and spend much more money than I should. I spent $200 yesterday. And I’m not sure what I got. A couple movies, some scarves that were on sale…some house cleansers…*shrug* By the time we got from there, I was being called to pick up the girls. Which means, no chance to do the other thing I wanted to do, which was get my nails cut down and polish changed.

I picked up the girls (30 minutes from where I was) and was told that they were angels *most* of the day, but of course, when I get there, they turn into whiny little monsters. At least my youngest daughter did.

I finally got home around 8PM…and I was beat. Mostly from all the driving I did AND because I was an idiot and wore pumps. My feet were aching.

Today I’m going to relax and do some much needed organizing and cleaning.

Oh, here’s a photo of THE BOY getting into part of our DVD collection. *sigh*

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