A Lil’ Break

Today I made it out to get my nails done, which suprises me because I stayed up late for the Thursday ODB Chat. I really don’t like the way they look but it doesn’t matter much because I’ll get them re-done next week. I also went over to Old Navy and got a small trench coat, makeup bag and a little tee. Shopping is goooooood. smile

Yesterday THE BOY bit his tongue. He was at the bathroom sink washing his hands. When he tried to step down from his stool, it slid from under him. His chin hit the counter and he screamed. OY! I looked at his mouth but didn’t see anything. Then suddenly blood came pouring out. He cried and cried. I’m sure he was in so much pain. I gave him a cold wet rag to chew on because he wouldn’t let me rinse his mouth or even look in it. I looked as best as I could, but I didn’t see any large cuts. He had problems eating for the rest of the day. :( Today he was much better. And he had no problem eating his ‘Ghetti.

My girls are gone over to my cousin’s house. I’m sad and happy. I’m always sad to be away from them, but they are NERVE-WRECKING and I need this break, fo’ real! I’m with them all day every day. So now I just have THE BOY and my sd. She will probably be going to her mother’s tomorrow (with any luck) and I’ll only have ONE kid! w00t! I am definitely getting out. *cabbage patching* Anybody that has more than one kid knows how it feels to get rid of more than half of them. *humph*

Gotta go. THE BOY is pulling ALL the DVD’s from the shelf. *sigh*
OK…W-2’s are not here yet! *grrrr*

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