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Doctor, Doctor!

Hubby had a doctor’s appointment today. I was worried about his heart (when lying on his chest, it seemed to sound a bit “off”) and he was worried about his throat (he smokes, *ahem* and was thinking throat cancer). His appointment was at 1:45pm, so by 3:00pm I was worried. He hadn’t called me yet! What could be taking him so long? He called me at about 4:00pm saying he is fine. *wipes brow* Nothing feels better than getting a report of good health. There were some “buts” though.

10 years ago, he was shot in the head. He’s always had some numbness on the left side of his body (shot on the right side), but he felt like it was getting worse. The doc wants him to see a neurologist. He said it’s probably not getting worse, but he may be able to take some meds to make it better. That’s pretty good. Also the doc will give him some meds for this skin rash he has. I think it’s hereditary. It doesn’t even look like a rash, it just looks like a bit of skin discoloration. My dad has it too, so it doesn’t look good for my kids. *yikes* Anyway, they have to test his liver to make sure it’s all good before giving him the meds for the rash. And the doctor told him he MUST tell doctors about his food allergies. He is allergic to shrimp, but didn’t think it was important to tell the doc. I didn’t even know you had to share food allergies with the doctor, so I’m glad to know that.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Scary Movie 3. Ray wants to see TCM, but I’m really not up to something so scary. I’m slightly on the chicken side. Plus, I LOVED the other two Scary Movies so this one is an absolute must. Nothing better than good ol’ disgusting, perverted humor, eh?

We’re hoping to get time to take the kids to Boo at the Zoo sometime next week. I think they’d get a kick out of being at the zoo at night. Heck, I’d get a kick out of it. My mom asks me is that dangerous. Well…no. It’s not like they let the animals run loose at night, ya know.

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