Time to Go.

Moving early tomorrow morning. w00t! My aunt and I are going over this evening to clean up a bit. Yes, my mother and I went yesterday, but I had promised my aunt I would let her help me. *rofl* She’s like a mother to me and I didn’t want her to feel left out. Am I packed? Erm. Kinda, sorta. I still have some clothes I need to wash up and some things in the kitchen we were using…I just want it to be done. MOVING SUCKS! heh. The kids have had a nice homeschool break because of this. I can’t wait to get back into the groove. I plan to start them back up next Monday. I’m actually pretty excited I guess. It’s not like we’re moving into a grande house. *lol* We are moving into another apartment and the only difference is a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom and an extra bath. Oh…and a balcony. But the neighborhood is like a whole new world. We actually live in a good neighborhood…middle class….but I don’t know what the heck has been going on. I don’t know where these new tenants are coming from?? Our halls used to be extra quiet, now, all you hear is loud music. The little playground isn’t for children anymore. There are teens hanging all on it. *smh* The kids in this area need something to do. Why don’t the parents DO something with them? Put them in afterschool activities? That hanging around is how they get into trouble. But anyway, I need to get finished. I want have Internet for a couple days. :( Now that is the WORST of it…lol. No Net?? UGH! Be back soon though.

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