Monthly archives: September 2004

Dentist. Blah!

OMG! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m scared. Yea, I know, it’s silly. I’m just getting x-rays, but geez. I don’t like folks all up in my mouth. I’m also scared they’re going to say I need something like a root canal…[lol] I don’t know why…I have no pain or anything, but I get like that. Sort of like a hypochondriac. I’m going because I clench my teeth. I don’t know if I grind them, but I do clench at night and I’ve even noticed sometimes during the day. I wonder if I have stress. Hmmm. Husband…4 kids…maybe? [rolleyes] I’ve also never been to this dentist before. We moved and I wanted one closer to my home [I hate driving].

It’s also about time for my yearly. You know what I’m talking about. [argh!] I think I read somewhere that if you’ve had many normal paps, you don’t need to go every year. You could go something like every two years. I’ll have to research that before appointment time. [giggle]

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The Lobby Channel.

So I cut his hair. And I would like to say that it looks awesome! I don’t care if I sound arrogant or a little conceited, but I did a fucktabulous job! I can’t believe it. I mean, I did attend hair school for two weeks, but whodathunk it? I just got a towel and the shears and went to work. He moved horribly and I spent a great deal of the time turning his head back to where I had it, or chasing the hair across the room, but that just gives me more satisfaction. It’s evenly cut too! And I don’t like to brag (especially since he’ll probably start losing his hair at the age of 23 like his dad), but my son’s hair is awesome. It’s like cornsilk. Remember those cabbage patch kids with the cornsilk hair. *snicker* I just had to have one of those…Anyway, his hair is sandy brown with blond highlights and with this low cut it looks so much better. I cut it low, but not faded on the sides. Just enough to cut out the big loopy curls so it lays straight. Then the top has a slight curl to it. I throw some of this light oil in it Ray got. I forget what it’s called and I’m too lazy to get up, but it keeps his hair shiny and from getting frizzy. I’m just hoping that next time I can do a good job too. *lol* I don’t want to be a one hit wonder.

I got The Sims 2 when it came out last week and I LURVE it! I play it every spare minute, although I don’t get much of those since we just moved last week and I’m still unpacking things. AHHH…if you’ve never played The Sims, don’t even bother with 1, just get 2. I’ve already killed off a few families and made WOOHOO with some.

Right now I’m waiting on my furniture. I have a big delivery coming any minute now. A bunk bed, 3 mattresses, a box spring, a headboard for Shae, a dining room table, chairs, and 2 dressers. Our doorbell is supposed to hook to our telephone so that when someone rings our buzzer it calls our phone and we can buzz them in by pressing a number on the phone. Well, our buzzer isn’t set up yet and I asked them just to call me when they are outside, but just in case they don’t, I’m watching the lobby on our tv. *lol* One of our channels shows us the lobby so we can see who’s at our door…well…that’s what I’m doing…and I’ll be doing that until they come. ha.

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Maybe a Cut or Two.

My aunt is supposed to cut my son’s hair. I haven’t been able to get him in to see her. So, I thought about doing it myself. 😀 I’ve searched online for the best way to do it and I’m almost convinced that I can. His hair is just getting to long to wait. His curls are starting to tangle too much, and with my hair and the girls, I’d rather have one less. I was just going to clip it with scissors. I don’t want it really low (just trimmed a bit). Or I may get some clippers since those might keep me from any screw ups. heh.

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Time to Go.

Moving early tomorrow morning. w00t! My aunt and I are going over this evening to clean up a bit. Yes, my mother and I went yesterday, but I had promised my aunt I would let her help me. *rofl* She’s like a mother to me and I didn’t want her to feel left out. Am I packed? Erm. Kinda, sorta. I still have some clothes I need to wash up and some things in the kitchen we were using…I just want it to be done. MOVING SUCKS! heh. The kids have had a nice homeschool break because of this. I can’t wait to get back into the groove. I plan to start them back up next Monday. I’m actually pretty excited I guess. It’s not like we’re moving into a grande house. *lol* We are moving into another apartment and the only difference is a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom and an extra bath. Oh…and a balcony. But the neighborhood is like a whole new world. We actually live in a good neighborhood…middle class….but I don’t know what the heck has been going on. I don’t know where these new tenants are coming from?? Our halls used to be extra quiet, now, all you hear is loud music. The little playground isn’t for children anymore. There are teens hanging all on it. *smh* The kids in this area need something to do. Why don’t the parents DO something with them? Put them in afterschool activities? That hanging around is how they get into trouble. But anyway, I need to get finished. I want have Internet for a couple days. :( Now that is the WORST of it…lol. No Net?? UGH! Be back soon though.

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Time to Move.

Great googily moogily! Went today and signed the new lease. Found out they’re going to just do the inspection after we move. Got the keys and I’m read-to-go..hehe. We’re actually getting movers so that will be nice. I’m lazy like that. Don’t want to have to carry a darn thing but myself. Heck, I packed it all…someone else can move it.

I’ve now started looking at furniture for Shanon and Qua. They’re going to get bunk beds, which I’m not crazy about, but we need them to save space. The room they’re in isn’t that big, but it will be plenty of room for them with just the one bed in it. I’m painting Shae’s bed and Ra will keep his crib. Their room is a smidge bigger since they have larger toys and will have two beds.

My mother and I are to go to the other place tomorrow to do some cleaning. It seems clean already, but eh…I just want to clean myself. Wipe down the kitchen and the bathroom. Put some liners in the cabinets…that sort of thing.

So, soon I shall be without Internet. I am hoping it won’t be for more than a day or two. If it’s longer than that….man….

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