Shrek 2!

Everyone played hooky today and we went to see Shrek 2. I thought it was GREAT! I’m easy to please when it comes to movies though. The girls liked it too. Rah was more interested in stealing M&M’s from my bag. I was so into the movie, I was dropping popcorn in his hair and didn’t even know it. *lol* He was on my lap and I was just chomping away. *smh* If you go see it, stay until after the credits…there’s a surprise with donkey. We were the only ones that got to see it because everyone else jumped up and left. hehe.

I have a little story to share about Shanon. On her birthday, she got this game for MY Gamecube called Harvest Moon, It’s a Wonderful Life…or something like that. We just call it Harvest Moon 2…haha. Anyway, in the game, you have a farm and you have farm animals that you name and raise. Well, I was sitting at my desk and she was playing. Sometimes as she plays, she talks aloud. I usually ignore her. It’s good background noise. *lol* So, she’s just talking. “Time to feed the cow…oh, I forgot to bring my cow into the barn. Oh my neighbor is giving me a horse! Yay. What shall I name it..? hmmm. Okay….” No big deal right….? Keep listening. “Yea…I’ll call it Shit. That’s a good name. Shit! Hi Shit! You’re a good horse aren’t you?” I’m like…wha? Now, here’s the thing. I don’t curse. Ray doesn’t curse around the kids. They don’t hear cursing…So I KNOW she doesn’t know the word. Usually, she just makes up a name. She throws letters together. Like her dog was named Pip. And she had a chicken named Shut. But I was still shocked to hear that. I thought maybe I heard her wrong. Maybe she said Shid. Sometimes, she doesn’t speak too clearly. So I said, er, Shanon…spell that name for me. “Okay mommy. S – H – I – T. Shit!” I almost fell over and ROFL. I’m like. That’s a naughty word, you know. You shouldn’t say that word. DON’T say that word. So she says, “But mommy, Shit’s a GOOD HORSE! *dead* She kept saying it. She didn’t understand why it was bad. It was just a word. It wasn’t like she called someone a doody head or something. I told her the word makes some people feel bad and that some people may think you aren’t nice if you say it. So far so good. No more shit talking. *snicker* But now, she’s been playing and saving this game for days. There is no way to change the name of the horse. Do I make her start over?

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