I’ll Hide. You’ll Seek.

Today I sat on my butt (at my laptop) and tried to figure out how to design a layout using just CSS and no tables. Um, I�m smart and I�ve taught myself many things, so why am I finding this so hard? I don�t know, but shortly into it I threw up my hands and said screw it. I guess I�ll continue to use tables.

My girls have been at each other all day. Someone is scratching, pinching, hitting. I feel like I�ve been yelling all day. Shae has got me pulling out my hair. She�s constantly talking at the top of her lungs, running, or just tearing up the house. It seems as if the minute I clean up, she�s pulling it back out.

Yesterday, I had all my clothes layed out on the bed. I went to grab them so I could take them in the bathroom with me. Well lookie here. My underwear was missing. Now I know I had them out, so where were they. First I asked Shanon, who acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. I still looked at her suspiciously�.Then I asked Shae, who gave me the same dumb look as Shanon. Now, Rah was in his playpen, so I know he didn�t do it. Plus, he just doesn�t take things or move them. The only thing he bothers with is his cars and the controllers for the video games. If one of those is missing, you can bet your paycheck Rah took them. So hear I am looking all over the place for my underwear�saying, �I know I�m not crazy. I know one of you took them.� *sigh* I finally found them in Ray�s drawer. I should have known because Shae had been rummaging in his drawers earlier. She�s always taking something from one place and putting it somewhere else.

Can�t remember if I shared this story, but one day around Christmas, I looked at my Christmas tree and it looked bare. I noticed that half (or more) of the ornaments were missing. I looked everywhere. I asked the kids. No one knew. Well, one day while cleaning, I pulled out the sofa and found a large pile of ornaments! *smh* I know Shae did it. One day, the kids spent the night at my moms. It was time for them to come home and Ray was going to pick them up. My mom had stacked all their belongings by the door. Well, when Ray got here, I told him he forgot to get bring the pullups. He says, �Well, I guess your mom forgot to give them to me.� So I call my mom and told her to find the pullups because she forgot to pack them. She says, �I did pack them. They were by the door with everything else.� Come to find out, Shae had taken the bag with the pullups and buried them in the bottom of their toybox in their room at my mom�s house just before Ray got there. So, if you ever plan to visit me and don�t want to spend half your trip looking for your hidden items, keep your belongings in the car. :p

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