A Whole Lot of Nuthin’

Today our living space got smaller. Much smaller. At least to me. Ray purchased a 50″ TV that was delivered today. See, I could live with a TV half the size. “I need a large screen to watch my movies and play my video games.” Um, okay. But do we need it that large? The previous TV was 36″. A perfectly nice size for our cozy living area. I admit it’s a nice TV, I just prefer that things be simple and not so uh…massive. The kids stare at it with wide eyes. It’s like a movie theater in our home. It wouldn’t seem so big, if our house wasn’t so small. *lol* Oh well. I’ll just keep watching my 20″ in my room. I think we’re going to put the old tv in the kids room. They have a large room and a tiny 13″ TV. The bigger tv will be nice in their room. I have a small bedroom and a flat screen tv, so I’ll keep what I have..(not giving up the flatscreen!)

Much of today was spent looking at the large addition to the living room, homeschooling SM and making some edits to a clients site.

Ray went to see his Neurologist today, and they want him to start going to physical therapy again. I didn’t get the whole scoop, but I guess this will help him with the feeling in his leg and so it doesn’t give out on him. *shrug* I believe some posts back I told of him being shot in the head…not sure though.

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