It’s Almost Christmas!

Ahhh. It’s been a while since an update. Rah’s eye healed up good. He’s all fine now. This week they all have colds. I’m okay with that. At least it’s not the flu. The only one that got the flu shot was Rah and Ray.

I invited my stepdaughter over this past weekend, and she decided to stay the whole week, so she’ll be here for Christmas. Shae is not too thrilled about that since now Shanon has a new play pal. But oh well. *lol*

I am all done with my shopping! Ray is still doing his. I feel sorry for him. *lol* I usually do all the shopping, but now he’s had to do more on his own. He’s looking for a specific game for Qua that he can’t find. It’s called an IQuest…some type of educational electronic game. He purchased the cartridges that go with it, but doesn’t have the game yet. *dead* Does that make sense or what? *smh* Sometimes he is so backwards.

*edit*I just ordered the game from and had it shipped overnight. He was at his wits end, so I had to come to the rescue. *giggle* MEN!

Anyway, I’ve wrapped all of the gifts that I’m going to wrap and put them under the tree. The kids get 2 Christmas eve gifts. The first one is pajamas and the other is a Christmas movie. Although they haven’t figured out the tradition yet. They always wonder what the gifts will be. *lol* Christmas eve we will be going to my aunts for a Christmas gift exchange, but we will leave early. My family is full of party animals and they’ll probably be there all night! I want to get home and do our traditions.

We bought Shanon and Shae one of those Barbie Take A Long cars (power wheels car)…we’re just trying to figure out how the heck we’re going to get it in the house. It’s at his mom’s house now. The plan was to go get it after they go to sleep, but the guy with the truck can only do it in the daytime. So now, we don’t know what to do. *sigh* I’m sure I’ll think of something. Even if I have to drive that car over here by myself. *rofl*

Anyway, if I don’t get back, I just want to wish everyone a good holiday! I’ll have pictures! Oh wait….I still have to put the ones up from Thanksgiving. *ctfu*

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