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Catching Up.

I’ve been really bad about posting, but there hasn’t been anything interesting or exciting going on in my life. Friday night Shan and Shae spent the night over at my mother’s house. That was like a dream come true. It was just me and Rah until Ray came home. Then Saturday morning, my mother in law went over and got them from my mom. Ray and I just hung out all day eating take out, talking, and watching movies. With only one kid to chase after, things were a bit more sane! Ray picked them up at about 9pm and all hell broke loose as soon as they walked into the door. They were both whiney and .. blah! I wish I could get more time.

Ray was supposed to go today to his custody mediation for his daughter, but when he got there he realized he didn’t have is ID and plus, his ex girlfriend had gone to work and had totally forgot about the appointment. Seems odd to me that he has to even go through that. My step daughter lived with us from 1997 until September of this year. Only reason she is back with her mom is because Ray couldn’t get her into school without custody. Since it was going to take so long, Ray agreed to let her go and live with her mother until custody was granted. I don’t know why it takes so long. *shrug*

Anyway, Thursday is Thanksgiving and I will probably start my little cooking tomorrow. I have to send Ray to the store because I have nothing I need.

Other than that, nothing going on. I have a lot of mail to send out (ODB Christmas CD and Slow Jams CD) that I will hopefully get done this week. I also hope to get some more Christmas decoration this weekend…but we’ll see.

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Can you believe it! I caught a virus or trojan or something. I don’t even know what I got. I had to reformat my hard drive! Brand new. I’m glad I didn’t have much on here or I would have been a bit angry. I now have to 2 firewalls and an anti-virus program running. When I got the virus or trojan I deleted it, but it said that Norton couldn’t fix it or delete it. My computer was acting crazy. I didn’t have a firewall, so I’m hoping this time, I won’t get anything. Now I feel all nervous about going on the Internet. *sigh*

I’m so happy that ODB is doing so well. We had a lot of new members in the past couple weeks. ODB is a message board that I created back in May 2001. It’s for those interested in urban issues/conversations. The people on there are crazy. Anyway, we started out as Oh Dayum Board, but I lost the domain name, so we voted and switched it to Oh Dizzam Board.

I can’t believe it but I forgot to put today’s date on my web site’s calendar! Today is my dear hubby’s birthday! He is 31 today. Mayun! Do I feel old! Funny how I feel old on his birthday! Happy Birthday Ray. *muah*

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Christmas Right Around the Corner.

So, I’ve been fooling around with my computer a bit. I absolutely love it. It’s been a lot of work to get all my stuff loaded into it, though. I might not even tranfer everything. SM has loved to use my old computer. Her computer has Windows 2000 and she couldn’t run a lot of her games on it. My old one has XP, so she can now play her games. Bad part (at least for her) is that little Shae has now learned how to use the mouse and wants to play. She used to be content just sitting and watching her big sister play the games. Now she wants to do the clicking and the moving. She’s 3.5, which is about the same age that SM started to obsess over the computer. I think Rah may be younger. He is already trying to play on it. *sigh* I’m raising a bunch of computer nuts.

Today was a pretty blah day. It was gray outside and we lazed (is that even a word?) around the house. I have to remember tomorrow that we need to call maintenance. The heater (we have steam heat) in our bedroom is leaking water. Hopefully, they’ll consider it an emergency and hurry to fix it.

Ray looked at me crossed-eyed the other day because I’ve put out a few Christmas decorations. Hey, if I had a tree, I’d have it up too. *lol* I just put out our Christmas pillows on the couch. They’re black with little puppies in Christmas stockings. I also put the throw on the couch. It features the same design as the pillows. Got them from Target a couple years back. I also put out this little Christmas watering can, a Christmas door hanger, and a little skiing snowman on the living room table. I didn’t go overboard, yet. But like I said, it’s only because I don’t have all the major stuff yet. We lost a lot of our decorations back when our basement flooded in the summer of 2002. I don’t want to even think of that because it depresses me. I’ll probably go out this week to get some of the decorations. Ray bought some of stuff for the kids that I need to wrap fast because they are snoops.

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A New Member of the Family.

I am so happy right now! Ray bought me a brand new Sony Vaio for our anniversary! I absolutely love it. It’s a Pentium 4, 2.80 GHZ, 120 GB Hard Drive, 512 MB Ram, DVD Player, DVD-RW and tons of software with a flatscreen LCD monitor! w00t! I did keep my mouse from the old computer because it’s a new optical mouse and I hate the other kind now. I’m going to give SM my old computer and we may send back the one she has for school. It locks up on us all the time anyway. The only bad thing is I have 2 dead pixels in my monitor. I’ve been researching and it seems that dead pixels are fairly common in LCD monitors. They don’t really bother me, but you know how you want everything to be perfect when you get something new? And for the money he spent, it should be. Ray’s going to see if he can exchange it, but hopefully I won’t get something with more dead pixels. *sigh*

We didn’t do anything this evening. I spent the evening hooking up my gift! *hehe* Perhaps we’ll get out tomorrow.

Anyway, this is another promo for ODB, and I’m off to bed. My body aches because I cleaned the carpet yesterday and switch my bedroom with the kids. That was too much work for my out of shape butt! PEASH!

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We Made It This Far!

I did finish my little shopping the other day. It was so wonderful because I didn’t have to take the kids with me. Ray gave me money, his car, and watched the kids. I was too happy with that. I did forget some things though. I got the ironing board cover, the carpet cleaner, the vacuum cleaner belt, plus some stuff I didn’t need, like a new game for my Gameboy Advance, the Brown Sugar movie on DVD, and some other junk. Since I was too busy getting things that I shouldn’t have been, I forgot we needed soap.  : (  So, I had to send Ray to get it. *lol* Oh well.

Today is our 5th Anniversary. I’m not sure what we’re doing. I’d like to go out and do something! This may seem lame, but one of the best dates I had with Ray is when we had dinner, went bowling and had some drinks (while bowling). We (I) had so much fun! I would really like to do that again. Us just getting out of the house would actually be something special! *lol* My mom has agreed to watch the kids tonight, so we MUST do something.

I’ll be back later with more. I think I must eat now…feeling weak…can’t stand. *snicker*

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