I’m in Heaven.

*singing* I’m in Heaven, simply Heaven…..So, last night, I went and got the kiddos their costumes. I pieced together a fairy princess costume for Shae and we got Rah a little lion outfit. hehe. He will be too cute! I let them try them on last night, just to make sure they fit. Shanon (5) looked…well…I dunno. I don’t care for her costume too much. Shae’s is totally cuterific! And I pieced it together! She was dancin’ around my room with her little dress, wand, slippers and wings. She wouldn’t take the dang thang off! She made me put on the movie Barbie Swan Lake and when that was over, she agreed to take it off. So, are we set? Not quite! I want to get a costume too! But I didn’t see anything I liked.

This morning, Ray went grocery shopping and he actually got some stuff that I like! Usually I still have to go to get “my snacks,” but he did good this time. He then told me, before he left, that he left money on the counter. I’m thinking, maybe he left a couple dollars in case we wanted to get something from the snack machine that’s in our building. I was going to tell him that I had some cash on me, but then I saw it was $250! Well I certainly kept my mouth shut. He also went and got my tags for my car. I don’t know what I did to deserve it all, but I am so in Heaven! Well…at least I was, until our lights went out. angry They are doing some electrical work in my building. Our lights went out for about 45 minutes. Then most of them came on except for the kitchen and front entrance. WHY! Of all things, not the kitchen! We just went grocery shopping. Right now, they have been off for almost 2 hours in that part of the house. Can you say, mad! I’m hoping they know, if they make me lose any of my food, they’ll be short on rent.

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