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I’m in Heaven.

*singing* I’m in Heaven, simply Heaven…..So, last night, I went and got the kiddos their costumes. I pieced together a fairy princess costume for Shae and we got Rah a little lion outfit. hehe. He will be too cute! I let them try them on last night, just to make sure they fit. Shanon (5) looked…well…I dunno. I don’t care for her costume too much. Shae’s is totally cuterific! And I pieced it together! She was dancin’ around my room with her little dress, wand, slippers and wings. She wouldn’t take the dang thang off! She made me put on the movie Barbie Swan Lake and when that was over, she agreed to take it off. So, are we set? Not quite! I want to get a costume too! But I didn’t see anything I liked.

This morning, Ray went grocery shopping and he actually got some stuff that I like! Usually I still have to go to get “my snacks,” but he did good this time. He then told me, before he left, that he left money on the counter. I’m thinking, maybe he left a couple dollars in case we wanted to get something from the snack machine that’s in our building. I was going to tell him that I had some cash on me, but then I saw it was $250! Well I certainly kept my mouth shut. He also went and got my tags for my car. I don’t know what I did to deserve it all, but I am so in Heaven! Well…at least I was, until our lights went out. angry They are doing some electrical work in my building. Our lights went out for about 45 minutes. Then most of them came on except for the kitchen and front entrance. WHY! Of all things, not the kitchen! We just went grocery shopping. Right now, they have been off for almost 2 hours in that part of the house. Can you say, mad! I’m hoping they know, if they make me lose any of my food, they’ll be short on rent.

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Spending Money Gives Me Pleasure!

I’m going shopping tonight! w00t! I’m not getting anything great, but just spending money makes me happy. I need to get my 2 youngest their Halloween costumes. I hate waiting until the last minute because then the selection is quite booty. My oldest daughter (5) is going to be a “funky diva.” She calls it a “punky diva.” LOL. She’s got a glittery jumpsuit with a silver wig and microphone. I’ll probably cake some makeup on her face as well. My middle daughter is 3 and wants to be a princess. I searched for a costume but couldn’t find one in her size before. She’s so tiny. I’ll look again tonight. And for little Rah, I wanted him to be a football player. My baby is so bowlegged and chunky, when he walks, he looks just like a little linebacker (like I even know what that is). But we shall see. I’m at the point where I will buy whatever is available. Heck, do you even remember what you were on Halloween when you were 1, 3 or 5? I sure don’t. I’ll take some pictures on Halloween to show them off. I was going to dress up, but haven’t really decided. The great thing about having kids is you can do all that crazy, fun stuff and folks won’t think you’re insane. Maybe I’ll even get my own bag of candy and won’t have to steal the baby’s! biggrin

Yesterday, Ray bought me four beautiful candles. They cost a lot of money. Supposed to be some great stuff, long lasting, blah, blah. I’m nervous to burn them though. One of them has REAL apple slices in it. It smells wonderful, but I ain’t trying to burn down the house. One of them has shells and sand. They’re really quite cute. So, I got 4 candles and guess what he bought himself? 2 pairs of Versace shades! Um. What’s wrong with this picture. *lol* I’m really not that materialistic, but when I saw them bad boys, I have to admit I did feel a tad bit jealous. Forget the fact that there’s no sun outside and it’s been rainy for 2 weeks straight! *lol* He promised to try (notice how he promises to try, not promises to DO…lol) to take me and the kids to this brand new upscale shopping center this weekend. Heck, all he has to do is give me some money and a bus pass to Target….I’ll be alright.

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Halloween Game

My kids and I got a kick out of this game:
Spider Game. Enjoy. Tell me what ya think!

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Doctor, Doctor!

Hubby had a doctor’s appointment today. I was worried about his heart (when lying on his chest, it seemed to sound a bit “off”) and he was worried about his throat (he smokes, *ahem* and was thinking throat cancer). His appointment was at 1:45pm, so by 3:00pm I was worried. He hadn’t called me yet! What could be taking him so long? He called me at about 4:00pm saying he is fine. *wipes brow* Nothing feels better than getting a report of good health. There were some “buts” though.

10 years ago, he was shot in the head. He’s always had some numbness on the left side of his body (shot on the right side), but he felt like it was getting worse. The doc wants him to see a neurologist. He said it’s probably not getting worse, but he may be able to take some meds to make it better. That’s pretty good. Also the doc will give him some meds for this skin rash he has. I think it’s hereditary. It doesn’t even look like a rash, it just looks like a bit of skin discoloration. My dad has it too, so it doesn’t look good for my kids. *yikes* Anyway, they have to test his liver to make sure it’s all good before giving him the meds for the rash. And the doctor told him he MUST tell doctors about his food allergies. He is allergic to shrimp, but didn’t think it was important to tell the doc. I didn’t even know you had to share food allergies with the doctor, so I’m glad to know that.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Scary Movie 3. Ray wants to see TCM, but I’m really not up to something so scary. I’m slightly on the chicken side. Plus, I LOVED the other two Scary Movies so this one is an absolute must. Nothing better than good ol’ disgusting, perverted humor, eh?

We’re hoping to get time to take the kids to Boo at the Zoo sometime next week. I think they’d get a kick out of being at the zoo at night. Heck, I’d get a kick out of it. My mom asks me is that dangerous. Well…no. It’s not like they let the animals run loose at night, ya know.

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How Far I’ve Fallen

Yesterday we went out and bought my little cousin DLK a birthday present. He’s 18 today. My aunt bought him a Playstation 2, so she suggested I purchase him a game for it. I stood staring at the games for what seemed like an eternity. I realized that I have no earthly idea what type of games are in. I paid more attention to the prices. What have I become? There was a time when the more expensive it was, the more I had to purchase it. There was a time when I knew what was the best game on the market. I knew what every kid wanted to play. I am only 27 and I am so out of the loop. Matter of fact, I’m so far out of the loop, that I can’t even see the loop with a pair of extra strength binoculars. That loop is long gone baby! But honestly, I don’t care.

It reminds me of the time when I was 10 and worried that soon I would be too old for toys. I was actually quite depressed because I wouldn’t be able to play with my cabbage patch dolls without someone calling me a baby or teasing me. Wouldn’t you know, age 12 came around, and I didn’t care one bit about those dolls. I worry that I’m getting too old for things, but really, that’s the worst part of it…the worry, because once I hit the “too old” age, I don’t even care.

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