Monthly archives: September 2002

Well Fukka Me.

Well, I feel great. Wonder why? No tooth pulley today. Bwahahaha. *evil grin* I’m so happy. No, I didn’t chicken out. I took my antibiotics, drove there, sat in the waiting room with this crusty old lady. At first I just noticed she had on house shoes…then I noticed she had red ankles. They looked painful! Like somebody had been giving her an indian burn since high school and just now let go. Then, the thing that took the cake was…*gagging* she let her house shoe dangle off her foot a little…*gag* The bottom of her feet were black. No, not grey…*gag* not brown….BLACK! Dirt. Caked on dirt. Layers and layers of dirt. Why? No, please fo real….why? Why in the world would you let your feet get like that? She was gon’ have to chisel that shit away. hehe.
Anyway, back on topic. After waiting for 30 minutes, I asked the receptionist how long it was going to be. She said there was only one Doctor in and they were really behind. I took that as my chance to get out. LOL. I told her I wanted to reschedule and I did for next Tuesday, which is also my dad’s birthday. So I got a while to relax. *sigh*

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the beach. All except the baby. There is some type of homeschooling field trip called “We’re not going back to school beach party!” It should be fun, I guess. We’ve never been, but there’s supposed to be like 100 homeschooled kids all different ages. This will be good for the “socialization” that folks worry about with homeschooled kids. Except instead of being stuck in a class with 25 other kids the exact same age, they will get to socialize with kids all ages, backgrounds, as well as the homeschooled kids parents, grandparents, baby sisters and brothers. I like the homeschool socialization better because it’s more realistic. There are not too many jobs where you are going to work with people all your age. I know I was so shocked when I got to college and saw a 60 year old man in my class, as well as other “older” people. I was like, woah. LOL. I was a sheltered kid though. heh. So, yea, I’m gonna take them. And then Friday is our Library day, and then next Monday is our homeschool zoo trip. The kiddos are happy that they are getting out of school work. I’m just happy to get out the hizzouse.

I want to thank Tee for the major plug on her journal page. *does cabbage patch!* *no really…I am*

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