Yep, It’s Still Hot

I have been really lazy when it comes to blogging lately. :/ Raphael is the best and he’s actually getting some color. He was so pale when he was first born.

Well, it’s been so hot lately that we just stay in the house. I let the girls go with my aunt yesterday to the park. She took a few other kids too. Then I felt bad, like, they don’t need to be out in this heat. So I called and told her to pick them up some bottled water. lol. Then I was watching the news and they were talking about, stay in the house, the temperature was 91, but the heat index was 104! So then I called her and asked how they were doing and to make sure they were drinking enough. I know she was tired of me, but I know kids are gonna run and play until they pass out. They aren’t going to stop and say, hey, I’m hot and need to drink some water. She said they were sitting under a shaded tree and had a cooler with ice and drinks. She also said it was really cool. So I felt better. They didn’t come home until almost 10 and they both passed out right on the floor. lol. It was great! Raphael was sleep too, so I got a chance to watch a spades game that the members of ODB were playing. I played one game, and got my tail beat, so I sat out the rest. Did I mention how you should sign up for the ODB…lol. I’m shameless when it comes to plugging my board.

Today it was 95, but we stayed in the house under the air. heh. I don’t usually wear short shorts, but I’ve been wearing really short shorts lately. It’s just too darn hot.

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One Response to Yep, It’s Still Hot

  1. Mars says:

    short shorts ROCK!!!

    *just had to be said*

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