Bitchy Mode

I have a couple of rants today. I’m not in a bad mood. Actually, my mood is pretty good, but there are a couple things I’d like to get off my chest. The first is the FACT that people always want me to do something. Which is fine, because I like to help out, but sometimes it’s hard with all the kids I have. For example, on Saturday my aunt is renewing her wedding vows. GREAT! But now my other aunt called me and wants me to come over on Friday to help decorate and stuff. I’d love to, except it always ends up being more work than I anticipated because not only do I have to help, but I have to chase after two rambunctious (sp) kids and nurse a newborn. *sigh* Why can’t I ever be a TRUE guest. The kind of guest that comes to the party, eats, dances, and gets to leave when it’s over. I always have to help clean up before or after or be in the wedding, etc, etc…blah, blah, whine, whine.

Another rant I have is the fact that people suck! Yep, they do, and you heard it here first. I’m not perfect, but I’m the type of person that will listen to your problems and give you advice or comment when you’re done. How come I can NEVER find anyone to listen to me (except my mom or Ray). I want someone to listen to me bitch, and then when I am DONE, give me advice, comments, opinions, etc. So, what type of people do I have in my life? The type that cut me off, or talk while I’m talking, or when I’m done that start talking about something else without even acknowledging that I said ANYTHING at all! It’s like what I have to say or my problems aren’t important. I think these people are selfish, especially since I’m a good listener…I expect that back.
But I guess I’m just a bitch. *humph*

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One Response to Bitchy Mode

  1. Mars says:

    ahhhh suck it up…lol. thats the gift and the curse of people always coming to us (yup i said us) with their problems. they come because they know we’ll listen…sympathize…and attempt to help. we do it so well for them they think our lives must be in order and we dont need people to do the same for us.

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