I’m Going Out.

I’m going out! Yes, out! My mom is watching the kids for me tomorrow night. All of three of them. Qua is going to her grandmothers and Ray and I are going OUT! Nowhere special. Probably just a movie and dinner. I kind of want to go see Halloween, but I’m a huge chicken. I still get scared when Ray mentions this one part in the Sixth Sense…and that was only rated PG-13. I’m still debating. I know what I’m NOT going to see….MIB. Sorry Will, you’re the bomb and all, but I didn’t even like the first one. Ray wants to go to this new pool spot near the theater, but I don’t know anything about playing pool. We shall see. Then on the way home we will pick up little Ray (who Ray wants to call Raphie… :/ ), but the girls are going to stay. He would too if I wasn’t nursing him.

I haven’t been out with him in so long it’s ridiculous. Then next weekend we may do something else since the MAG is probably pushed back until August. He was telling me about this adult arcade, which I’ve never even heard of. But I guess I’d be willing to go.

Right now Shae and Lil’ Ray are asleep. Shan and Qua are playing on the other computer so I may go ahead and play me a game of Rollercoaster Tycoon. hehe. I should be doing something constructive, but, where’s the fun in that?

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