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Right now, I am real tired. I’ve been staying up way to late every night. I spent most of the night working on some stuff for Nicole and Niki. I really have a lot more to do, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. *yawn* I have two weddings to go to Saturday and don’t really feel like going to either one. LOL. I’m horrible. But I really don’t. It’s hard to go anywhere with three kids. Everything is always a big production…getting them all up, fed, dressed, hair combed, keeping them clean, piling in the car with car seats and booster seats, keeping them clean, driving there, getting them all out, keeping them clean, getting all of them to follow me, keeping them clean, keeping them quiet, and happy, keeping them clean, blah, blah, blah………..*blink, blink* Ya see what I mean. Big production. *sigh* But we’ll be there with bells on. I’m off to read a few pages of the Hobbit.

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Made it Out.

Yea, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’ve been online (of course) just not in the mood for writing.

My birthday was July 18 and I turned the big 2-6. Yes, I do feel old, even though my mom calls me a baby still. *shrug* On my birthday my mom and dad came over, but that’s about it. That Friday, Ray and I went to see Minority Report and out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. I had a Strawberry Daiquari (sp?) and was pretty much gone after just 4 sips. I told Ray my stomach was already feeling warm after the second sip…by four, I was feeling nasty. LOL. But see, I haven’t had a drink in like two years, so my body’s not used to it. Maybe next time I will be able to take 6 sips, eh

Minority Report was pretty good. I’m glad we saw it instead of Halloween. We didn’t realize it was so long though. We were there for over two hours. My breasts had started to leak. LOL. I was glad Raphie was still up because I was about ready to explode. I fed him and he went straight to sleep. My mom said the whole time I was gone he wouldn’t sleep. LOL. He made her hold him. Surreeeee. Spoil him for me.

Well, found out I probably have to move. Our basement flooded and it seems as if there may be a Black Mold down there. Black Mold CAN be fatal to newborn babies. It causes Pulmonary Hemorraging (sp), which is lung bleeding. I doubt our landlord is going to clean it up quick, fast and in a hurry, plus they would have to also fix the leak. *shrug* I just don’t see that happening, and I don’t want to live here any longer than I have to. The mold can also cause asthma and other respiratory problems in older children. We’re trying to get out of here before the end of the month. I know that’s fast as what, but I have to think of my baby and my kids. I might even stay with my mom until we move, just to get Raffi out of here.

I can’t believe I’m up this late. LOL, ah well, I’m not even tired. Guess I’ll go surfing.

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Bitchy Mode

I have a couple of rants today. I’m not in a bad mood. Actually, my mood is pretty good, but there are a couple things I’d like to get off my chest. The first is the FACT that people always want me to do something. Which is fine, because I like to help out, but sometimes it’s hard with all the kids I have. For example, on Saturday my aunt is renewing her wedding vows. GREAT! But now my other aunt called me and wants me to come over on Friday to help decorate and stuff. I’d love to, except it always ends up being more work than I anticipated because not only do I have to help, but I have to chase after two rambunctious (sp) kids and nurse a newborn. *sigh* Why can’t I ever be a TRUE guest. The kind of guest that comes to the party, eats, dances, and gets to leave when it’s over. I always have to help clean up before or after or be in the wedding, etc, etc…blah, blah, whine, whine.

Another rant I have is the fact that people suck! Yep, they do, and you heard it here first. I’m not perfect, but I’m the type of person that will listen to your problems and give you advice or comment when you’re done. How come I can NEVER find anyone to listen to me (except my mom or Ray). I want someone to listen to me bitch, and then when I am DONE, give me advice, comments, opinions, etc. So, what type of people do I have in my life? The type that cut me off, or talk while I’m talking, or when I’m done that start talking about something else without even acknowledging that I said ANYTHING at all! It’s like what I have to say or my problems aren’t important. I think these people are selfish, especially since I’m a good listener…I expect that back.
But I guess I’m just a bitch. *humph*

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In the House

Well, I’m not going out tonight. :( It seems that Ray’s mom got sick and she can’t get SD. She doesn’t go over to her other grandmothers house until tomorrow afternoon. So, maybe we’ll go tomorrow, but we’re definitely not going tonight.

Ahhhhh…there’s another movie I want to see called Signs. I think it comes out August 2nd. It seems kind of scary…why oh why do I want to keep watching scary movies? *shrug*

Someone please help me come up with a nickname for my child. LOL. Ray wants to call him Raphie…but I don’t like that. My family calls him Lil’ Ray, but I don’t like that. We can’t call him Tres (he’s Raphael the 3rd) because we already have a Tres in the family…my nephew. I hate the name Ray-Ray…and that’s what they called Ray growing up. *sigh* I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to call him Raphael…it’s just too much.

Well, I’ve kept a little bit of my weight. I am at 105 lbs and don’t seem to be losing it. Yea! I still have an apetite like I’m pregnant though, so that may have something to do with it. I just knew I was going to go right down to 100 lbs when he was born. I don’t even eat as much as I’d like to because the kids keep me so busy. I’m wondering if it’s okay to exercise yet? I am so ready to get rid of this pouch (my stomach).

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I’m Going Out.

I’m going out! Yes, out! My mom is watching the kids for me tomorrow night. All of three of them. Qua is going to her grandmothers and Ray and I are going OUT! Nowhere special. Probably just a movie and dinner. I kind of want to go see Halloween, but I’m a huge chicken. I still get scared when Ray mentions this one part in the Sixth Sense…and that was only rated PG-13. I’m still debating. I know what I’m NOT going to see….MIB. Sorry Will, you’re the bomb and all, but I didn’t even like the first one. Ray wants to go to this new pool spot near the theater, but I don’t know anything about playing pool. We shall see. Then on the way home we will pick up little Ray (who Ray wants to call Raphie… :/ ), but the girls are going to stay. He would too if I wasn’t nursing him.

I haven’t been out with him in so long it’s ridiculous. Then next weekend we may do something else since the MAG is probably pushed back until August. He was telling me about this adult arcade, which I’ve never even heard of. But I guess I’d be willing to go.

Right now Shae and Lil’ Ray are asleep. Shan and Qua are playing on the other computer so I may go ahead and play me a game of Rollercoaster Tycoon. hehe. I should be doing something constructive, but, where’s the fun in that?

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