Taking it Easy. Like Sunday Morning.

Okay. I am getting around to writing my birth story, but I can’t find the time. Another thing is, my computer is upstairs and I don’t get up here too much now. The doctor told me not to climb the stairs too much.

Raphael is a good baby. Of course in the beginning all they do is sleep right? lol Eat, sleep and poop. I’m breastfeeding so I get to change a diaper just about every time he eats which is every 1.5-2 hours. It should be 2-3 hours, but he always falls asleep. Lazy boy! lol.

I think I’m going to relax today because yesterday I cleaned all day. Laundry, kitchen, living room, bathroom….and I think I did too much because last night I was dizzy and bleeding heavy. I guess I’m a little too anxious to get this house back into shape. It needs a good cleaning and I want to get everything together for a yard sale at the end of the month. But, I’m gonna sit on my tush today. Only get up to eat, and get the baby. lol.

Note for new moms: Newborn babies make a lot of noise. After my first child, I always had my nose in the bassinett, because she was making sounds and I thought something was wrong. Nope. They grunt, stretch, squeak, squak, hummm, etc. Of course you’ll want to check in the beginning, but soon you will learn your child’s sounds.

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