If You Can’t Stand the Heat.

It was so hot today! Or maybe it was just me. Last night I got so sick from the heat. I was near passing out. I was glad Ray was home. It feels as if this baby doubled in size this past week. I know that’s not possible, but it sure feels that way. His feet are frequently in my chest now which causes major heartburn. Matter fact, I have it now. I guess it was probably a bad idea to have pizza for dinner then, huh?

My mom came over this morning and we took the girls outside. They put on their swimsuits and Ray hooked up the sprinkler. They both got tanned pretty good. I have to remember to get some more sunscreen. I added a couple pictures. I sat in the shade and tried to stay cool. But after about 10 minutes [ if even that ] I had to go in.

Most of the day we lazed around. This evening I was able to convince Ray to give the back of my left leg a massage because I had a leg cramp this morning. My leg is still sore. It woke me out of my sleep! And while that leg was cramping my right foot decided it wanted to cramp too!

Don’t let anyone tell you pregnancy is fun. I don’t care how much you love your pregnancy, by the last month you will be wishing for labor pains! lol

Pregnancy Note: The total weight of the placenta and supporting membranes at term is 1 1/2 pounds. The total weight of the amniotic fluid at term is 2 pounds.

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