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Taking it Easy. Like Sunday Morning.

Okay. I am getting around to writing my birth story, but I can’t find the time. Another thing is, my computer is upstairs and I don’t get up here too much now. The doctor told me not to climb the stairs too much.

Raphael is a good baby. Of course in the beginning all they do is sleep right? lol Eat, sleep and poop. I’m breastfeeding so I get to change a diaper just about every time he eats which is every 1.5-2 hours. It should be 2-3 hours, but he always falls asleep. Lazy boy! lol.

I think I’m going to relax today because yesterday I cleaned all day. Laundry, kitchen, living room, bathroom….and I think I did too much because last night I was dizzy and bleeding heavy. I guess I’m a little too anxious to get this house back into shape. It needs a good cleaning and I want to get everything together for a yard sale at the end of the month. But, I’m gonna sit on my tush today. Only get up to eat, and get the baby. lol.

Note for new moms: Newborn babies make a lot of noise. After my first child, I always had my nose in the bassinett, because she was making sounds and I thought something was wrong. Nope. They grunt, stretch, squeak, squak, hummm, etc. Of course you’ll want to check in the beginning, but soon you will learn your child’s sounds.

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He’s Here!


Raphael was born Friday June 7, 2002 at 6:39pm. 6lbs, 10oz, 18 inches long. I will post a birth story when I get time.

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Yea, I’m Still Here.

I’m still here. Did anyone think I went into labor? HA! No such luck. :( All day today I had a knee or a foot or some damn body part stuck in my chest. If only you could see the body parts I do, you’d be amazed! Thank God he’s sleeping now, cause I don’t think he slept all day. There was constant moving.

My cousin called to tell me she has some of the stuff for the baby shower games. She’s really excited. She just bought a new house, so I think it’s a chance to get everyone over there too. We may have it outside because it will be like 80 degrees.

My 37 week check up is tomorrow. Again I am hoping that she says, I am dilated like 5cm. lol. If she says I’m the same, I just might cry. No, really, I might. Every step I take is a struggle and chasing after these kids is no fun! Plus I am soooo anxious to meet my baby. So send some labor vibes my way and pray that my cervix has changed at least a little bit.

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Mmmmm. Goot.

Just wanted to say that my Orange Ruffie turned out great! We had potatoes, crescent rolls and salad. It was yummy! Even my kiddos ate it and they don’t eat ANYTHING! It only took about 2 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. Uh, I’ll be making that again soon! lol. Now I need a Crockpot recipe for the pork chops that I’m making tomorrow.

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OK I Shopped Today…

I’m up late when I know I should be in the bed. I have my dentist appointment tomorrow and can’t even remember what time. I think it’s my subconscious trying to get me to miss it. hehe.

What did I do today? Hmmmm. I wished for a baby to be born and I’m sure there was one….just not in my household. :/ I went with my mom to get some new clothes. Yes, I said I would buy nothing else maternity, but I needed something for my baby shower on Sunday, so I broke down. I just got some khaki capri pants with a sleeveless black shirt. Heh, I’m almost hoping I don’t make it to the baby shower. That’s an awful thing to hope for since my cousin is putting so much work into it. :/ I also bought some thank you cards to send to the people that bought things off of my baby registry or who get us something at the baby shower. I was thinking of getting some baby annoucements, but didn’t. I started to worry…what if it isn’t really a boy??? What if they made a mistake. HA! We would not be prepared for that since everything we have bought since February has been for a boy. And we never came up with a back up girl name. Usually they don’t mistake girls for boys though. It’s mostly the other way around. They say it’s a girl and out comes a boy! lol. I’d be happy either way cause no matter what….I’M DONE!

I also want to say that I got up at 8:30am and had to use the bathroom. Someone please tell me why I could NOT get out of the bed. My body hurt so bad I just couldn’t. If felt like my shoulder had carried all my weight all night! Turning my head or moving my neck made me want to scream….so, um….I just went back to sleep until 10:00am. [ good thing the girls were really tired ]

I’m going to make some Orange Ruffie tomorrow for the first time. Wish me luck, because I am not a cook. However, mom says it is very simple to make. I think I’ll make some roasted potatoes with it…..mmmmmmm….I’m getting hungry. At my last doctor’s appointment I had gained 2lbs in a week. Wonder how much I’ve gained this time. I need to gain as much as possible, since I started out at 95lbs! That was due to my bad morning sickness in the first trimester. I am up to 113 now. With SM I was 125 when she was born. With Shae I was only 112….I had NO appetite that whole pregnancy, so I was not surprised that I didn’t gain much. All my kids have been healthy though. SM was the biggest at 7lbs 7oz. I was hoping this little guy could be bigger than that, but I really doubt it. Not unless I can put on tons of weight in the next couple of weeks. Ray wants to try some “natural inductions” to get this baby coming. I’m like, whatever. :/ lol

I worked on my pregnancy site today. Just a little. I think it looks horrid! If anyone wants to help out on it, let me know.

Off to bed I go! 😀

Pregnancy Note: My baby will now automatically turn toward a source of light. This is called the “orienting response” and permits the baby to practice being more aware of its environment.

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