My doctor’s appointment went quickly. As soon as I got there, they called me back! I usually have to wait forever. I need to schedule them for early more often. Anyway…bad news. No change in my dilation. :( GRRRRR. I was hoping she’d say…oh, you’re 9.5cm’s. Let’s get you to the hospital. lol. No such luck. My dentist wants to pull one of my wisdom teeth on Monday and she said that would be okay. *sigh* I wanted her to say, “no way!” I’m just hoping I don’t go into labor sitting in the dentist chair. I asked her to feel my tummy and tell me what she thought of the baby’s size. She said when all is said and done, somewhere at 6lbs. Hmmm. She’s been wrong before though, so I won’t put any faith in it. I can get my membranes stripped when I am 37 weeks. Which is next week. They can help get labor started. I don’t know if I’m going to go for that. I may just like to have this baby come on his own…. :/

In other news, it is so hot I don’t know what to do with myself. I wanted to clean the kitchen, but er, it’s way too hot. I don’t have any maternity summer clothes and I’m surely not buying any this late, so I have to suffer for a couple weeks. I’ve also been wearing some of Ray’s tee shirts. hehe.

*editor note: Had I gone to my due date, he would have been close to 8lbs. =/

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