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My doctor’s appointment went quickly. As soon as I got there, they called me back! I usually have to wait forever. I need to schedule them for early more often. Anyway…bad news. No change in my dilation. :( GRRRRR. I was hoping she’d say…oh, you’re 9.5cm’s. Let’s get you to the hospital. lol. No such luck. My dentist wants to pull one of my wisdom teeth on Monday and she said that would be okay. *sigh* I wanted her to say, “no way!” I’m just hoping I don’t go into labor sitting in the dentist chair. I asked her to feel my tummy and tell me what she thought of the baby’s size. She said when all is said and done, somewhere at 6lbs. Hmmm. She’s been wrong before though, so I won’t put any faith in it. I can get my membranes stripped when I am 37 weeks. Which is next week. They can help get labor started. I don’t know if I’m going to go for that. I may just like to have this baby come on his own…. :/

In other news, it is so hot I don’t know what to do with myself. I wanted to clean the kitchen, but er, it’s way too hot. I don’t have any maternity summer clothes and I’m surely not buying any this late, so I have to suffer for a couple weeks. I’ve also been wearing some of Ray’s tee shirts. hehe.

*editor note: Had I gone to my due date, he would have been close to 8lbs. =/

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OK. I’m Fat…& Tired.

I have my 36 week appt. at 8am, so I had better get some sleep right? I can’t wait to see if I have dilated any more. For the last two weeks I have been at 2cm and 50% effaced. For those that don’t know, delivery occurs when you are 10cm and 100% effaced. I hope I have made a little more progress. At around 8pm today, I started having some pretty uncomfortable contractions. They lasted about 2 hours and were 4 minutes apart. I took a bath and drank some water [which is supposed to help ease them if they aren’t TRUE labor contractions ]. They stopped after I took my bath. I hope all the contractions I have are helping, so that this labor can be a fast one like my last! I honestly don’t think I’ll make it until my due date, but we shall see, eh?

My kids are getting away with murder because I am too fat and lazy to go after them. lol. I folded to two loads of clothes today and with one swipe Shae knocked them to the floor! GRRRRRR. She was trying to get on the bed to look out the window, so she didn’t do it on purpose…but do you know how rare it is for me to do housework? lol. My little Shan is missing the preschool we used to do, but I just have no more energy. I can’t imagine if I had an outside job. I’d be horrible. I guess the fact that I still have morning sickness daily doesn’t help. ahhhhhh, pregnancy.

My cousin already has the menu together for the baby shower:


wing dings [ small chicken drumsticks and wings ]


fried corn

mac and cheese

smashed yams

the cake




Hmmmm. I will probably only eat the spaghetti. lol.

Pregnancy Note: 85% of babies are born within 2 weeks of their due dates, either early or late.

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Mornings Are Not My Friend

I was up at 7:30 this morning getting Qua off to school. I was so tired.
These late nights are getting to me, but I better get used to them. With Ray working nights, I’ll have the baby all by myself. But maybe he’ll be a good baby and sleep all night!? I can dream right?

Speaking of dreams, after I got Qua off I went back to sleep. Judge Mathis must of been on because I had a pretty long dream about him. lol. I dreamed I went to Sears and he was working the counter. Except he didn’t want folks knowing who he was. And me and my mom are teasing him by saying things like, “Are you going to watch Judge Judy today?” [ does that even still come on? ] The dream ended with a riot in Sears because someone that had been on his show saw him and got upset because he had lost his case.

More about my baby shower….I was thinking, a weeks notice is not nearly enough is it? I mean, it just seems like short notice. Especially in June when people are going to graduation’s and such. Thanks to all the people who bought things off my baby registry. I am loving this stuff! We received a crib blanket set, a diaper holder, diaper champ [ which is supposedly a better version of diaper genie because you can just use regular trash bags ], and a bottle drainer and brush! Since I thought we weren’t having anymore kids I got rid of a lot of my old stuff. Now I have to remember to go out and get thank you cards. I was going to make some, but my printer is acting booty. This is definitely going to be our last child though. Good ol’ Ray has promised to “be taken care of.” Isn’t that sweet of him. LMAO. I only had to spend the last nine months talking him into it. It was either me or him…and since I have birthed 2 babies and carrying 1, I guess he decided it was his turn to do something. But not before he did his little research on side effects and what not.:/

Pregnancy Note: My baby might become quite chubby if I overeat at this point. Even with normal weight gain, the baby now fits snugly in my womb and can only turn from side to side.

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She’s Back!

Finally I got my journal back. Ahhhh. It feels good to be able to share again.  I have moved the journal from the main site and hidden it here. hehehe. I mainly didn’t want my family to be able to find it. I wonder how long it will take. I don’t mind if they read it as long as they keep their comments to themselves. :/

Today my cousin Felicia called me and asked if I was having a baby shower. I’m like…no. I guess it’s frowned upon to have more than one. I had one for Shanon back in 1998. She says that she wants to give me one, though…so who am I to turn it down? I don’t really care about the gifts (although gifts are nice), I just want to have a party…something to look forward to and make these days go faster. So she is planning it for next weekend! I just hope Lil’ O can stay in their until then. I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, so I’ll see if I’ve dilated anymore. I kind of hope so, so I can get this thing moving along. I’m also going to ask her about how much she thinks he weighs. He feels big, but is probably only 5lbs.

Well, this is basically my test entry…so I’m off to bed.

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